What’s with all the noise?

The Internet has suddenly exploded with websites that for some strange reason are all using wordpress as a CMS and trying to create pop culture centric content.

In all honesty I had planned to do something similar but looking at the sheer amount of content that was already on the internet I felt that it was better to look for more niche content.

But here’s my issue with all of these so called POP CULTURE websites.They have no, absolutely no value addition to the person who is reading them.

Nothing against these websites because they often go on to provide you your daily dose of humor and on occasion can be pretty enlightening also but that’s it. Those occasions are once in a blue moon occurrences.

What these websites effectively do is tap in on the Gold Fish syndrome. (I just invented that).

Studies show that the average human has an attention span of less than seven seconds on the internet while a goldfish has an attention span of eight seconds. So effectively a user on the internet is stupider than a Goldfish. And Goldfish are pretty fucking stupid.

So what these websites tend to do is that they create lists. Meaningless lists of HOW YOU ABSOLUTELY FUCKING NEED TO READ THIS. These lists often center on philosophical facts. Facts which more often than not are everyday beliefs and facts that we would come across in conversations with people.

But that’s not the biggest issue. Since the space is overcrowded everyone tries to outdo the other person with more lists or more points. A direct impact is that you have similar content if you browse multiple websites.

If you really think about it grown men and women shouldn’t be fascinated by the sort of shit that these websites manage to pull of. A classic example is that of the GIF Lists. Where Lists are often accompanied by GIF’s which are edited with funny one liners to support the stand. But here’s the issue we aren’t kindergartners for god sake. As a one time read this makes for exciting stuff but in the long run it’s just making us stupid.

There was a time when people would read Plato, Shakespeare even Jeffrey Archer. Now all people care about is ROMEO AND JULIET IN 10 LINES It’s stupid. And the worst part is that these websites take pride in the fact that they are adding to the stupidity of the world. As if there wasn’t enough humor through other bullshit already.

Let’s hope that there’s a shift a more intelligible one at that.

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