How to Get Your Product or Service Featured on Major Blogs

Congratulations, you made it this far. You have developed a nice service or product that people would love to pay you for. There is just one problem: They don’t know you exist.

Don’t get exasperated if they don’t reply or reject your story, there’s a way!

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Hundreds of dreams die monthly because of this issue. No one knows who they are and no major blogs would feature them. Heck, no one would even reply. And in this time and age, blogs play a huge role in people’s lives, if you’re not in one, you don’t exist at all.

I’m talking about blogs like TechCrunch, Mashable, TheNextWeb, Forbes, and other major online news outlets that people actually care about.

So, how do you get featured on these big blogs? First you need to understand how they work.

It’s Not You, It’s Them

They won’t notice you if you don’t make a reason for them to. Sending them an email asking to be featured is a little laughable. They’ll just ignore it. After all, who are you?

These blogs publish dozens of articles daily. Their reporters’ work depends on the success of the articles they write. If the things they write about consistently don’t get attention, that would be bad for them. So, in turn, in order for them to know what actually gets attention, they look for “sparks” on other places.

How do you think these writers find their topics? They don’t just pull them out of the blue. People often send them scoops, although half of the time they browse around the internet too, looking for “sparks” that they can turn into fire.

You can send your scoops to these writers too, but in what form? Imagine what would happen if you can get 10 small but reputable blogs to write about you. “Hey, look at these blogs, they’re all talking about [product X]. I thought you should know!” That’s exactly the spark these writers are looking for. It’s a form of validation that that story is actually newsworthy, since ten blogs already wrote about it.

On reddit there’s an ongoing joke when a post gets popular. Redditors would often say, “wait for 15 minutes and this will be on Buzzfeed/Huffington Post/The Daily Mail.” And consistently so, they do appear on those sites, among others.

But you won’t get there at the top if you don’t start from the bottom. I could have rephrased that better, I admit.

As Drake so masterfully said it…

Now we’re here.

Well, not quite yet. But you definitely need to start from the bottom. Start courting the “low-hanging fruits”. I’m talking about blogs that are on the brink of becoming popular, but again, not quite yet. You know what I mean?

How do you find lower-tier blogs? Easy. First you need to know what motivates them. What are the things they need and want? Traffic, money, and more traffic for more money. With that, where do you suppose you can you find them?

Bloggers are poor and they want money. So some of them go to marketplaces likeBuySellAds (BSA) where advertisers go to buy ad space. As is our goal, this is a great place to find small to medium sized blogs. You can find them by choosing a category and going to the very last page of the list. They are on the last page for a reason, and they’re also on BSA because they met the traffic and quality requirements.

Other places where you can find smaller blogs include Reddit (on smaller subreddits),Digg (you hate this, right? But it’s a necessary evil.), BlogCatalog (lots of budding blogs in here), and other blog directory listings (please share in the comments below if you have other directories).

Give them what they want.

Give them scoops, give them something to write about, or better yet give them a ready-to-publish article. These blogs are usually understaffed, don’t have the necessary funds to pay writers, and are usually run by the owners themselves. They also most likely just publish once daily.

They will love you dearly if you can give them something newsworthy to publish, something that even big blogs don’t have.


Because if the scoop/article you give them turns out to be a hit among their audience, bigger blogs will use your story and credit them as the source. Traffic for both blogs and more exposure for you.

Take for example Mashable’s post about ArticleBunny in which they credited Tech in Asia for the original post. This might not be the perfect example, but it works. While Tech in Asia has only around 140k+ Facebook fans, Mashable has over 3 million. Still, it’s a major win for ArticleBunny.

See it now? This is how you get your service or product featured on big blogs like Mashable.

Of Course You Can Skip

I didn’t say you don’t have a chance for the big blogs. You do. It’s just that it’s pretty slim because they receive dozens to hundreds of tips daily from avid people like you. But if you can support your claims that your story is worth looking at via other blogs, then rest assured that at least one major blog will pick your story too.

/I’ve been the editor-in-chief of two blogs that collectively received around 4 million monthly visitors. Still a long shot compared to TNW, Mashable, Engadget, TechCrunch, Forbes, whatever. But hey, if I was picky, I’m sure these bigger blogs are far pickier./

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