Internet Marketing — Things You Should Have Done 3 Months Ago

Internet marketing is hard. I find it difficult. And when I started, I can’t seem to find someone who can show me the ropes. I’ve done blackhat without even knowing it’s blackhat which gave irreparable damage to my blogs, I spent an entire month leaving comments on different blogs in hopes of boosting my backlinks, you know, stupid things that no longer work. I was pretty outdated. I was looking for quick results.

Sure, you can get quick results, but you’ll have to prepare months in advance. And people seem to miss that part often.

If you are preparing for a launch, relaunch, or any marketing campaign to boost your traffic and/or sales, these are the things that you should have done three months ago. If you haven’t done them yet, better start now!

Photo from Unsplash. Relax your mind first before proceeding.

And by contract, I’m obligated to tell you that I work for PressCable each time I write anything about marketing. Not really obligated, I’m just shameless.

So, let’s proceed.

Connect with your industry’s influencers.

Tedious, but extremely important. It’s like a buzzword…or buzz sentence.

Connect with your industry’s influencers on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and on their blogs. Study their methods. If your goal is to make them notice you on social media sites, give up on that. Especially when they are already very popular. They’re busy, of course. One tip that works is by subscribing to their mailing list and reading the things they send you. Most of the time they will ask you to reply if you have questions. And always have at least one brilliant question. They will most likely respond because they contacted you first.

See it now? If you contact them first, they’ll probably not reply. But if you are simply replying to their email to you, they’ll feel obliged to respond. But use this to develop a personal relationship with them. — In my work as an online wanderer (heh) there used to be months when I had zero clients. But since I’ve interacted and became friends with lots of blog editors, site owners, marketers, and the like, I’ve never had a zero-month anymore.

Learn how to write damn good sentences.

This is a life skill that everyone should have. If you think your writing sucks big time, better start practicing now. I recommend Copyblogger (if you have recommendations, please post them below).

“You can’t sell anything if you can’t tell anything.”
— Beth Comstock, CMO of General Electric

Start a blog for your business or product.

IMAGE by: Picjumbo

Blogs don’t get popular overnight. They don’t attract thousands of visitors over the course of a week. I hate saying this because it’s cliched, but content is still king.

Which brings us to…

Develop a content marketing plan.

“Well, I’m selling leather wallets so I really don’t nee-”, shut it. You need one. Here’s an in-depth tutorial/course from QuickSprout.

Here’s a simple template that you can follow and improve:

Publish content on your blog -> promote your content on every possible channel -> capture reader’s details -> contact your readers.

This is the same as saying: Convert Suspects to Prospects, convert Prospects to Leads, and convert Leads to Customers. You need to understand this.

Let’s define them quickly:

Suspects — these are people that might be interested in your business. They probably know about you through your content, or then again maybe they haven’t heard of you yet but they’d be interested.

Prospects — these are people who give out their details to you. Name and/or email address. Their interest in you is already there.

Leads — these are people who have expressed further interest in your business. Responding to your newsletters, social media posts (showing interest), contacting you to ask/discuss something, attending your webinars, you get the idea.

Customers — well, everyone knows what this means.

Again, in case it wasn’t clear, how do you move Suspects to become Customers? Through robust content marketing. The main point here is that you should develop a plan on how to find your Suspects and ultimately convert them to paying Customers.

Attend local events.

there are lots of them year-round. From marketing, blogging, business, and more. You can look for them on websites like and EventBrite. Meet people, connect with them, and talk about many things…and of course tell them your story, listen to theirs. Get tons of people’s contacts and be sure to follow up with them. The thing here is, it should be a mutual cooperation. You have something only you can do, they have something you want. Help them and ask for their help.

Prepare a press release and release it into the wild.

I just love looking at this photo from Unsplash.

Contact news websites and blogs that you think will want to publish your press release. Contact 10, 20, 50, 100s of them for maximum exposure. This is also how big news sites and their news writers pick up your story. A lot of work, I know! But you are guaranteed to receive a good amount of attention.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to do it manually, you can use a press release distribution service like They have thousands of news sites and blogs in their database, they do 99% of the work for you.

Back to Content Marketing.

Go to Flipboard,, and curate the hell out of your content there, including others’. I found out that these sites can get you lots of referral traffic to your main site if you do it right. So do it right.

Video marketing.

People love videos. YouTube is a treasure trove of Suspects and Prospects. Millions of people are already there, why aren’t you leveraging it? Tell them about your business/product using videos. You can hire someone onFiverr to make a whiteboard animation for you or you can make one yourself using VideoScribe.

Another irrelevant photo from Unsplash. Look at those majestic creatures.

Capture emails.

Capture your site visitor’s emails using MailChimp — free until your 2000th subscriber. And provide your email list with valuable content…and once in a while try to sell them something, of course.


Think that you’ll just start keeping track of your performance after everything is sorted. No, please don’t do this. Start measuring your KPIs now. Sort out the numbers you can keep track of: Sales, marketing, financial, seo, social media, customer service, and others. If you don’t keep track of your numbers, that’s as good as saying you’re not that much interested in succeeding. I know, details are extra work, right? I didn’t like them too, but when I started keeping track of everything, from traffic performance to cost per lead, looking at my spreadsheet and charts at every week’s end became my every week’s highlights. I saw how I improved and where I can still apply some changes for better results.

Buy traffic or fans on Fiverr. This will bite you in the ass in the short/long run.

Any blackhat methods that you’ve read probably on BlackHatWorld. But there are loads of legit (white to grey) marketing methods there that actually work. Just be sure to steer clear from the blackhats. They will do you no good. You’ll just get frustrated in the long run and think of yourself as the victim.

Give up simply because your launch was a failure. Or because you’re not getting any attention. Or because you’re tired. If you can still feel something for your business, it ain’t dead yet.