3 Features of Subconscious Mind

I can only imagine the numbers when considering the people who want to shift their mindsets just by reading some articles or listening to someone who is stating some basic advice about being confident or getting out of the comfort zone. Why is it too hard to do it? Why can’t we just change our brains with daily words. Even if we know the facts intellectually, those facts do not reflect themselves to our feelings. As a result, people just stuck where they are and can not move forward any longer.Only because subconscious mind is way much stronger than conscious mind. Without understanding the subconscious mind, consciousness won’t show any benefits. Here are the three main features of it.

Keep Us Alive

First, subconscious mind has only one priority. It is not responsible to make us happy or fulfilled. Its mission is to KEEP US ALIVE. Unfortunately. It was the one and only thing the first humans were capable of thinking. Finding sufficient food resources, running from wild animals or constructing a place that can be lived in for themselves and for the community with them to be protected. This feature could be significant at time of stone age and, even it might be the reason of human race’s survival but, today it is one primitive trait that pulls people to variety of diseases.

Things we see from our parents and people around us when we were children are still carried in the emotional memory. Humiliation of a friend, angry face of a mother when her son spilled his meal to his lap and untrustworthy attitudes of a close friend are all counted as DANGEROUS situations. After an unpleasant experience, there isn’t any difference between a wild animal and an unknown person. The brain’s “DANGER” reaction to those uncomfortablity is the emotion which is known as FEAR.

Everything is Real

Second, subconscious mind can not distinguish concrete and discrete things. For instance, there is no difference between visualization and actuality or just like stated above there is not any distinctive feature when fear is felt. Animals and unknown people are concrete beings whereas fear is a discrete trait.

When I have you to think about a blue haired woman with purple eyes, green wings on her back, one arm is made up of gold and the other is made up of stone; your brain actually sees that creature. When you imagine yourself at the top of the world with your loved ones and everyone is shouting your names, you can feel that intensity and excitement. All recorded in emotional memory.

No Time Concept

Third, this feature is a result of the second feature just mentioned. When we use or hear a statement in future or past tense, it is perceived as it is in present tense. I am, was and will terms are represents the same consequence. Once an appalling car accident of past is recollected with the memory at the equal intensity of emotions, that accident has exactly same effect on our subconscious and well being. As an example, people with stronger visual memories might tend to have more emotional break downs thanks to their clear image of the terrifying past experience.

In conclusion, comprehending subconscious mind with its special features can, in fact, be utilized to shift one’s brain structure which is evidently life changing. For more content about subconscious mind and paths to restructure it, stick to my blog by leaving your email address.