Why too many apps will kill your productivity?

Why having too many apps on your smartphone will kill your productivity? Are you one of those people who have too many apps on their smartphone not because you need all those but because you’re too lazy to get rid of them. I’m an app developer and I want you to have as many apps as you can have but also I’m a productivity freak and I don’t want you to lose you productivity because of some random app that you don’t need. When you download an app you’re bound to it, you feel like you must use this app just to have something to distract you from your work. Sometimes we are too busy being busy that we don’t realise how much time we are really killing in the process. I do that too sometimes but are you willing to sacrifice your pleasure of distractions with something much more valuable. Then the next time you’re on your smartphone ask your self do you really need all those apps? You might think that you need a certain app but think again and again until you reach to a really valid reason to keep that app.

Here are the some of the apps that I use on a daily basis to be more productive.

  • Wunderlist- For all my to-dos
  • One Note- To take any notes and write down anything that come to my mind
  • Outlook- My favourite mail client
  • Pocket- For saving articles to read offline