I have 8 reasons that will give you answer of this question why you have to use blogger Why to use blogger for blogging instead of wordpress?

One day a Question is born on my mind that who put the news , knowledge material and some-things like this . Then i open my mobile’s chrome browser and search it . Then i know about them they are known as blogger and their work is known as blogging. I also impressed by them And I want to start blogging as a hobby . But I have not a credit-card to buy a hosting facilities, domain-name, or to pay WordPress. Then what I do? Again I search on google about Blogger then the result is like a cold coffee for me which removes my all tension about blogging and I feel relax. This post is not only a POST. It is my experience and I think it is a suggestion for the newbie.

If I say Blogger is the mother of blogging that does not lie or false. Every famous blogger starts blogging from blogger, not WordPress. The best thing of the blogger is it is a Google’s product. I am going to share 8 reasons why you have to use blogger.

1. It’s free:-

 If you don’t violate the terms and condition of blogger by being a spammer or posting prohibited content. You get the service free of cost.

2. Free hosting: -

without Adsense, I think don’t earn much from blogging. And you know that blogger is easily approved by Adsense. And you can start making money from your blog.

6. Google search index:-

we all know that Google is the top search engine in the world. Everyone uses it to search anything on internet.if you create a blog and put Adsense but your search engine ranking is not good then you get less visitor on your site .you know that blogger is one and only platform which is added on google search index within 24 hours of creating your blogger account. Google takes weeks or month to adding another site to google search index. That means your site can getting traffic sooner than another site like WordPress etc.

7. Fast connecting with Google products:-

you can easily connect your blog to all the product of google .like google+, google places, Picasa (Picasa web, and Picasa kit) , Feedburner, Google absence, google merchant, google analytics, google apps for business(which makes easy to manage everything from one place).

8. Not Every-time remember password:-

You don’t need to remember your password because your Gmail password is your all google products password like blogger.

This reason satisfies me to use blogger. I suggest a new be to use blogger because it saves your money(you have to only pay your internet bills). if you face any problem you will ask me by commenting below.

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