I have 8 reasons that will give you answer of this question why you have to use blogger Why to use blogger for blogging instead of wordpress?

One day a Question is born on my mind that who put the news , knowledge material and some-things like this . Then i open my mobile’s chrome browser and search it . Then i know about them they are known as blogger and their work is known as blogging. I also impressed by them And I want to start blogging as a hobby . But I have not a credit-card to buy a hosting facilities, domain-name, or to pay WordPress. Then what I do? Again I search on google about Blogger then the result is like a cold coffee for me which removes my all tension about blogging and I feel relax. This post is not only a POST. It is my experience and I think it is a suggestion for the newbie.

If I say Blogger is the mother of blogging that does not lie or false. Every famous blogger starts blogging from blogger, not WordPress. The best thing of the blogger is it is a Google’s product. I am going to share 8 reasons why you have to use blogger.

1. It’s free:-

 If you don’t violate the terms and condition of blogger by being a spammer or posting prohibited content. You get the service free of cost.

2. Free hosting: -

if you are the user of WordPress or going to start a blog with WordPress .then first you have to connect with a…

Paytm the one of successful startup of India now turning into another e-commerce site that can chalange mazor e-commerce websites of India like (Flipkart, Amazon) with the help of their online Wallet and Paytm payents bank (which gives 4%intrest on your money). There are many shops of India accepting payments through E-wallet and Paytm is in the top of the list even gupchup or golgappa walas.
After the lauching of new money transfer method BHIM by Indian government, You can pay anyone through your paytm account. So I made this list of top genuine apps which gives you paytm cash by doing some simple tasks like downloading apps watching ads. This list is updated and I will also try to make it always update with the time. I have divided these apps in four categories based on their ways of earnings

Taskbuck this app will give you money when you download any apps and you get the money after downloading and completing the task. You can also use your earnings to recharge your mobile number. They are always launch daily tasks by completing the…

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No one is perfect but we can try to be the best..... So start being the best from the guest in this #world. if not then try to be better from previous.

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