6 Great Ways To Get Traffic From Tumblr

Like any good social media expert, you might be concentrating on updating the profiles on the most prominent social media websites and posting on them. However, there are other websites as well and if you invest some time on them, you can gain a fair amount of traffic to your website, one such website is Tumblr! Tumblr right now might not be as big as Facebook but it is surely a popular blogging and social networking website.

Here are 9 important and easy ways to get traffic from Tumblr:

Post All Types Of Media

You can post multiple types of media content on Tumblr, when you login you will see various options for posting and the best strategy is to use them all. It is important to make sure that your content is fit for a particular type of category. Your updates should be related to your business field of work and along with that you can also post some fun stuff that will attract to the general audience.

Post Memes

One special thing about Tumblr is that it is a popular website that displays all types of media and memes. Creating memes is not a very difficult task. You can find some cool memes online and if you don’t, you can create one yourself. Post the meme and check if you are getting the right type of response. If you feel you are getting the right response, create more memes and post them.

Add Relevant Tags

It is extremely important to add tags for your content on Tumblr as people find you through tags! Add relevant tags and add as many as possible. Add variations of the keywords that you are working on.

Create An Impressive Profile

Just like you might have done on every other social media website, you must create an informative and impressive profile on Tumblr as well. Create a great profile that makes other users like you as a result of this, the chances of getting more followers will be increased.

Be An Active User

The tact of getting loyal followers on Tumblr and keeping them is being active and loyal on Tumblr yourself. It is better to post a link everyday instead of posting one link after ten days. As a result of your daily activity, your followers will also develop a habit of checking your posts every day. If you don’t post on a daily basis, your followers will also lose interest in checking your updates.

Interact With Other Users

Another trick for becoming popular on Tumblr is interacting with the other users. By interacting I mean following them, posting comments on their posts and rebloging their posts. With some simple ways, you can easily become a Tumblr star.

You see creating a great impression on Tumblr is not that difficult if you follow the right strategies. Get going with the tips mentioned above and for more updates visit Reource9 social media page.