How to avoid unnecessary calls?

The sad fact is even though we have smartphones offering utmost convenience and ease of use but we are riddled by unwanted and unnecessary calls all the time. These calls don’t just waste our time but at times it’s also annoying and frustrating when we are in the middle of a meeting or we are out with our family. Luckily we have an option to avoid these calls as our smartphones offer features making our lives easier.

How to avoid spam Calls on your iPhone/Android phone?

One way to screen callers on an iPhone is to assign an unwanted number in your phone contact a separate ringtone and set another ringtone as a default tone for all the other incoming calls. This way can help you in receiving calls only from the callers you want to and ignore unnecessary calls. As an alternative, you can also add the contacts from whom you want to receive calls to the Favorites list and then activate Do Not Disturb with Favorites chosen as the exception. Then just leave Do Not Disturb mode as on at all times, so calls from any numbers not in Favorites will go directly to voice mail and you won’t get disturbed by any unwanted callers. Simply, Leave the iPhone’s Do Not Disturb feature on and allow call through from Favorites to prevent unwanted calls from ringing. The other option is to download free or paid apps from the app store to block spam calls and display the caller id and only attending calls from known numbers and avoid unnecessary calls.

Android phones also offer features in the similar line. After you have received an unwanted call on an Android phone, you can block future calls from that number by transferring that caller in the “Add to voicemail” list so that you don’t get a notification also when that person calls. New version of android also has a do not disturb mode or a priority mode where you can block callers for a fixed time and you will get alerts only from your favorite users.

Similarly, other operating systems also offer a host of features or mobile applications to avoid unwanted calls. Or you can list your number in DND facility offered by your telecom operator to not receive any sales calls. There are several apps offered in the Apple, Google or Windows app store which have a blocking feature wherein you get a notification if you get a call by a number listed as a spam caller. This option gives you the option to pick or reject a call. Likewise you can block a number in a contact by opening the app and add the number in the list of spam callers.

This article discusses the various ways in which you can screen calls on your smartphone and avoid unnecessary calls. Whether it is choosing DND mode or adding a specific contact to go in voicemail or using an application to block callers you have a lot of options to block spam callers.

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