Udacity: My First Little Steps with Python.

As part of my code mentorship program at letsboot.com, I work through several Udacity coding trainings — and what better to start with than Python.

I’ve recently started a course introducing me to the programming fundamentals of Python on Udacity and wanted to show some of the cool projects off.

In the course, I’ve learnt all about modules and classes. My favourite section of the course was using ‘turtle’ to create shapes.

In this project, I built a quick program where every 5 seconds a YouTube video would open up and for it to do this twice.

In my next project I used a rhombus shape to create a flower:

Looks cool doesn’t it? In my final project, I first made a star and forced it to follow a 10° path that created a circle. This time it looks like a church window:

If you look at the middle of the circle, it almost looks like an illusion like looking into a champagne glass. I made an illusion, ha! Check out how I produced this shape:

There are a ton of other shapes to produce with Python and I can’t wait to get going with them.

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