Launching Ultimate Impact

By: Rocky Beach, Ultimate Impact Executive Director and Founder

Receiving the Letter of Determination from the IRS

At the beginning of June 2016, I launched Ultimate Impact to use ultimate Frisbee as the vehicle to improve the lives of youth in underrepresented communities. The organization uses the team sport of ultimate as the framework for providing boys and girls 6 to 18 years old with increased opportunities, confidence, communication abilities, and conflict-resolution skills. Through weekly training sessions, peer-to-peer interaction, and consistent adult mentorship, Ultimate Impact creates a positive environment for youth to have fun, be active, improve athletic skills, and build community.

When I received notice from the IRS that Ultimate Impact had been approved as a 501c3 nonprofit, it was one of the happiest moments of my career. I took a photo with the letter. Through the work of Ultimate Impact, it’s been great to pay it back (and pay it forward) to a sport that has been so good to me. Learn more at