3 ways your hobbies can make your look better

If you’re pursuing a career that you’re passionate about, then chances are you have outside interests and hobbies that relate to your chosen field. Why not include those hobbies on a résumé? Below are three ways your relevant hobbies can make your résumé look better.

1. They can make you memorable.

Lots of people don’t include their hobbies on their résumés. Instead, they include more references, or go into more detail on previous positions. While these options can be a good idea, they won’t necessarily make your résumé stand out from applicants with similar qualifications and job histories. But the novelty of a hobbies section might just catch the eye of someone looking through a stack of résumés.

2. They show you’re well-rounded.

You may be perfectly qualified for the job you’re applying for, but never underestimate the power of a human connection. The inclusion of hobbies on a résumé may help give hiring managers a better representation of the kind of person you are, which could give you an edge. By including a hobbies section on your résumé, you demonstrate that you’re more than a one-dimensional student or worker. Companies want to make sure you’re well-rounded enough to fit in with their work culture and connect with future coworkers — a hobbies section can help them determine that.

3. They show you’re passionate.

People who pursue hobbies during their valuable free time have passion, and passion is essential in finding great employees who add depth and character to the workplace. Passionate people are often optimistic, with the drive to give their best to the projects they believe in. Obstacles are less likely to discourage passionate employees so they can accomplish their goals, whether professional or personal. By including your hobbies on your résumé — and then talking about them animatedly in the interview — you can demonstrate that passion.

The takeaway here? If your hobbies are relevant to your field, try including them on your résumé. They just might be the edge you need to get the job you love.