Future of Management

How little the practice of management has changed over the past several decades? It’s hardly surprising that most people have a hard time imagining how management be reinvented in the decades to come. What new and opposing management practices will the future manager apply in the future in contrast of current techniques.

The future of management also talks about how the companies will manage talent, allocate resources, and develop strategy and measure performance even though we have seen momentous changes in the past decades in the form of technology and life-style but management practices still are being governed by old convention of management.

HR as an Innovation

Many of us have had great ideas but confusion is what do we do with them? In our HR Management we get more ideas from employees. And how do we turn this into reality? Before we need to understand what is Innovation? It means the introduction of new technology , it requires collaboration from many areas to come together to achieve success. Innovation is a collaborative process; where people in many fields contribute to the implementation of new ideas.

HR is considered the most valuable asset for a company today’s world. HR innovation’s ability to deliver superior performance remains an area of ambiguity. And also build competitive advantage to the sustainability of growth and competitiveness. Innovation in HR relates to the responsiveness and the proactive approach used by HR professional that speaks about the creative and game changing initiatives that HR utilizes to understand, motivate and direct employees behavior and needs.

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