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Klement’s Last-Ditch Effort

Alan — you have certainly helped me understand.

I understand that you are trying to save face after having gotten caught purposely misrepresenting ODI with claims you cannot defend. For years, you have tried to discredit my life’s work and attack my character without cause. You refuse to admit when you are wrong. You are intellectually dishonest. Shameful really. Maybe now that your charade has been exposed, you will stop.

Your final attempt to save face brings you no redemption. I think everyone understands the concept of a preference and that “anything can be a preference.” ODI is built around advanced (not basic) statistics. I have worked with PhD statisticians over the years to validate and improve our methods. I have a statistician on staff who has reviewed all your arguments and has helped me conclude that you have no idea what you are talking about.

What you fail to understand (and I have said over and over again) is that desired outcomes are not preferences, nor are they treated as preferences when customers rate them for importance and satisfaction — this is the invention that makes the ODI process so powerful.

Finally, I keep referencing myself as the source because ODI is my invention — you get to do that when you invent something — there is no-one else to reference. If you take the time to actually learn ODI, maybe someday you will invent something too.

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