Why the “Instagram and facebook business” ads model will die a fast death

This is not an ad. It’s the tombstone for customer-orientation

One cold January morning this glorious year I tested purchasing a twat cosmetic stick on Instagrams new ad services. To rid myself of white cones. Just to see how this shizzel is gonna go down..

Facial poker 30 USD off that seem to good to be true. It is!

It seemed easy, enter your credit-card. Goods magically arrive. Instashopping has arrived!

We bring the whole world, literally, to your door. Only ..they never did.

However, it never did arrive. No one to contact.

The subsequent experience made me realize why this new social media ads, and ..purchase will never work. And why there’s no fixing it.

Let me share my deep insight.

Where is the “complaints” section???

We live in a time where everything seems upside down. Science have become religion. News-media, manipulation. Reality, virtual reality. Virtuality, reality. And “customer orientation”, ..customer dis-orientation.

Customer orientation used to go along way in a world that was actually working.

I contacted the company selling (waltonsgoods.com) china stuff on instagram. They never returned my emails. Not surprisingly.

Once this chinese company scammed their highway robbery instagram money out of me, there was practically no way to get in touch with any one on instagram. Nor Facebook that runs the show. To tell them stop running their ads (Im sure they are still oblivious..).

I suppose they think “Not our Problem”. Wrong.

Instagram likewise have no customer help desk (as they have 12 people working busy with putting Indians to work, doing all the work).

Facebook which controls their ads, only have a post it board for help. That’s.. they have a post it board for ADVERTISERS. For people paying them my money.

In other words, access for the people haven paid the first downpayment in the scheme.

Help for advertisers. WTF is the button for HELP me as customer? Im disoriented.

For customers buying their way into this … there’s.. nothing.. nothing to do. Just a wall of big brother silence.

Facebook have no customer services. Like any other modern social fobia company.

They may think, it’s the problem of the advertiser. However, guess what? People having a shitty buying experience through any of their channels, will think OTHERWISE.

So, to all the marketing executives, CEOs (and the rest of us mortals, actually paying their salaries) — here’s the obvious observation and conclusion.

I will never, ever purchase anything on instagram (or ANY social media) again.

As for the rest of mankind?

People realize slowly, but securely, through the system that this.. this instagram.. this facebook thing.. is useless to purchase anything. Anything that values your purchase..

This is Instashopping.

People will revert to places not stealing.

Ultimately this way of doing business reaps karma and execs rid themselves of a job. When all the revenue models fall. With the rest of the myspace cards. People will migrate to the next fad.

And mind you .. once shopping ads revenue paying the bills for Fakebooks surveillance machine doesn’t pay the bills, what will? Rising stock prices in an already peaking bubble market?

It might seem the brave new world of advertising for people living in virtual reality in billion dollar facebook offices, and people buying their socks (and stocks..). But there’s nothing more motivating to leave a place, than getting cheated.

The thing with virtual reality is, reality catches up. In real life, you have to eat, you have to shit, you have to sleep. Pay bills.

And so, in real life when products don’t show up and there’s no one to contact in the offices of Ponziness, Mr Zuckerberg, guess what?

Customers are going to stop using the non-existing services.

Physicality .. and real friends.. ultimately wins..