Acupuncture Can Relieve Pain, Improve Sleep, Digestion and Emotional Well Being

If you’re from New York… or Long Island, you definitely either know the feeling of road rage, or have been faced head on with someone who has. Sure road rage can be caused by stress, anxiety… but what if there were a way to cure it?

Many have health insurance (or not), and don’t use it to their advantage. We don’t know the price of care, so we don’t bother to call and check. Many of us can attest that they have received surprise bills in the mail, and it’s just not even worth it. Well, studies show that seeing an acupuncturist may actually be the solution to your “rage.”

If you want a quick stress relief, or are experiencing pain, but don’t want to deal with the insurance hassles — we have great news. UMA is here to help you find a doctor to treat your aches and pains. Dr. Ma, an Acupuncturist located in the heart of Queens, NY is accepting cash paying patients. Schedule an appointment through UMA and get 5% back on your visit! Once you’re locked in with an UMA profile, you get 5% back on every purchase made on health care. It’s like we’re basically inviting you to stay healthy. Dr. Ma is also a Physical Therapist, a Pain Management Specialist, and a Physiatrist. You’re in good hands when you book an appointment with one of our UMA doctors.

Here are some reasons you may want to schedule an appointment with an acupuncturist:

If you’re experiencing…

  • “Road rage”, a.k.a., “the bitchy blues” — One minute you nearly slice someone’s head off and the next you’re weeping in a corner. Things come out of your mouth that are shocking, even to you. All this is going on outside, while internally, the logical side of your brain is saying, “Sorry! Not sorry! I’ve gone insane!”
  • “My back is sore” — Back so tight you can’t relax? Pain got you locked in place? Let’s loosen up the tension so you can get some oxygen-rich fluidity back through your spine and muscles.
  • “My head thinks it’s a Death Metal band” — Headaches interrupting your day? Migraines shutting you down for hours at a time? There are many types of head sensations (sharp, dull, achy, throbbing, blinding, etc.), and many reasons they may be triggered.
  • “My stress & anxiety are through the roof” — If your to-do list is managing you instead of you managing it, life is full. Ever feel like you want to put your brain in a straight jacket when it swirls with thoughts all night and you can’t get a decent night’s sleep? More common than your realize. Let’s learn how to dial down the intensity.
  • “Ohdeargod hangover” — A few quick acupuncture points and your body will kick into professional detox mode (in a good way).
  • “The plumbing works, but…” — Not many people feel comfortable talking about what they perceive as an “issue” with their sex drive or the parts that drive it. This includes questions about desire, lack of desire, ability to conceive, or carry a baby to full term. This can weigh on you like a damp towel of mystery, embarrassment, and fear. Fear not!
  • “Surgery scares the pants off me” — Many people try acupuncture before scheduling some surgeries that aim to repair damage and restore function, like knee or shoulder surgery. Let’s drive some nourishment to the area and give your body a running start to healing prior to surgery or in lieu of it.
  • “I died a little on the inside” — Death and grief are no light matter. Going on with life after the loss of a loved one is indescribable in its strangeness and difficulty. Even if we haven’t lost someone close to us, every day we experience some loss and heartache, whether we send our kids to school or miss another day doing a job we hate. Heartache is part of life, and you don’t have to bear it alone.
  • “My stomach’s always messed up” — This could mean anything from heartburn and indigestion to constipation, diarrhea, or room-clearing gas. It happens.

Visit UMA now, Dr. Keyan Ma in Queens, NY is available Monday-Friday, to help ease your pain.

TIP: Patients who opt for high deductible insurance plans, have the freedom to shop for care at their own expense (for the little things in life, that make us happy!).

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