Yearning Of Self-Governing

This is my first ever blog. Today, I am going to tell about my earnest desires of my life that the readers should always know about the blogger. First I would vocalize that why I thought of becoming a blogger as I am just 13. It’s my dream since I was only 7 to live a self-sufficient life. Man fuck me, I always get so emotional on these sorts of topics I always hated to be a burden on someone. Some of you would think:

“So poor of him, this bitch is writing a blog to be fucking rich how pathetic”

No, you should always keep in mind that there is a lot of divergence in trying to be independent and rich! Most of the bloggers (My Friends) I have talked to, they blog because they want to be moneyed! Now that’s the symptom of an avaricious chap. I am not saying that my friends that are bloggers are greedy but joining the field of blogging with an approach of being moneyed in a small age. Now that is a disgrace to your mentality. So I asked my friend what “Do you think that there isn’t the thing called working hard in Blogging?, Blogging needs devotion and affection for writing and by writing two or three blogs do you really think that you can be prosperous?.If you even want to be wealthy but you should always have the mind set of triumph not money. If you even write thousands of blogs just to be rich then god will never give you money If you think of victory, money will chase your corridor automatically and I know that now money is a need but in my opinion if we have the mind set of success and devotion for work you can do anything and even be rich”. Now what’s an independent man or a man who wants to be independent? The person who does not want to be rich with a flash of light but wants to work hard and manage his life by his own self and not being a burden on anyone’s ass. If he earns less money, he knows that he has only one option and he has to carry himself. So he works hard till all his confines and even tries to cross all restrictions and it’s impracticable that one is working that hard and God won’t listen to him. I want to repay my parents with love and satisfaction which they gave me. Oh God, I’m going to cry, someone stop me please.

As this is getting fucking boring and lame as I know you have no interest in my life, So I want to tell you that a jackass like me also ‘HAD’ a quality, You won’t believe it once I was good at studies which was badly raped by the thing called Computer and followed by Play station. So if you are not even good in studies never ever let your dreams drown in the ocean of shadows.

This was not quite brief but yeah THESE ARE MY DESIRES.