Bernie Sanders’ Dank Meme Yard Sign

My friends on Facebook will crucify me for this. LOL.

Guess what, Bernie? It’s time for me to take a shot at your campaign. Last week I compared Trump to Hitler so, really, this is pretty tame in comparison. But, I said I was going after every candidate, so here goes — I can practically see the mad emojis flooding my inbox now…

The heaviest round fired at Bernie is the word “socialist.” (Which he will be quick to correct them in saying, “democratic socialist.”) The right doesn’t seem to know what the difference is and the left defends it with emojis and memes. (For all the Fox News fans out there, you can click on the links for each of those words to find out their meanings. Also, links are words you can click your mouse on to go to a new page. A page is a… ugh nevermind.)

Everyone against Sanders is adamant that those who do support him want everything for free — health care, college, etc. But I’m not here to get into the policies. I’m here to make light of the exaggerations surrounding the candidates.

This presidential race has seen a social media frenzy like nothing before it. The largest chunk of Bernie’s followers are between the ages of 18 and 29, and it shows. Fans have swarmed the internet with memes and Facebook articles in support of him. Some objectively view the policies and make informed decisions and others see the words “free” and “revolution” and figure that’s the best option. Policies aside, America’s youth has unpredictably changed the course of this man’s run for office. Who would have thought the youngsters would rally around the white-haired, 74 year old guy?

This scenario is interesting mainly because of one thing — Sanders had practically nothing to do with the “branding” the youth gave him via the internet. Everything about him is simple — the hair cut, the suits, the logo, and the principles. That didn’t stop the internet from inflating him almost to the position of a savior figure. Social media single-handedly propelled Bernie to the popularity he is enjoying at the moment — like it or hate it.

While Trump’s image and branding has been made with the ideas of a giant wall, protesters being attacked, and fights about the size of his weiner, Bernie’s is enveloped in socialism, tree-hugging, and disheveled hair.

Hillary. You may think you’re centrist enough to fly under the radar. Just give me a week…