Tips to Successfully Acquire Your Dream Job

Keywords in the Construction Profession

The key thing to look at when reading jobs postings, is that acknowledging the keywords employers emphasize or reiterate in their post will be most beneficial. Transitioning these keywords into your resume when it fits your skill set will majorly boost the job search for you. I will be searching for a construction foreman position in the Twin Cities area.

Throughout my search, I learned that experience is key in this position. I have also learned this as well in my personal endeavors at work as well.The ability to read blueprints, manage employees and working with other tradesmen is key. I learned that most companies are asking for the same thing in a Foreman. The majority of the postings I looked at included a lot of the same key words, with emphasis on experience, communication, teamwork, and managing/supervising.

Throughout my research I learned that adding these keywords into my resume made it that much more appealing, enticing future employers to spark an interview.

Job Ad Research

I searched for job postings for Construction Foreman in the metro area. Some companies required 2 years of experience with others asking for 10.

Primary Job Ads

Job 1: Foreman, Ebert Construction

Ebert Construction is seeking a Carpentry Foreman for various sized projects in the commercial construction field. When you join Ebert Construction, you become part of a team that is deeply committed to quality, integrity, safety and service. You’ll enjoy challenging, meaningful work in an environment that values work/life balance.

Job 2: Construction Foreman

Lester Buildings, LLC is looking for a self motivated experienced Foreman to lead a construction crew based out of the Forest Lake area. We are a safety conscious, quality-minded, team oriented company.

Supplementary Job Ads

Job 3: Construction Foreman, Crius Corp

Job 4: Foreman, Aerotek

Job 5: Journeyman Carpenter, Top Notch Floorings

Job 6: Lead Carpenter/Foreman

Job 7: Construction Crew Leadman, Morton Buildings, Inc.


Safety conscious, Quality-minded, Team oriented, Planning, Organizing, Supervising, Organize crew members, Provide success and opportunity for profit, Communicate, Record, Perform routine service and maintenance, Interviewing, Hiring, Integrating new employees, Provide recommendations, Involvement with employee, Ability to read construction blueprints, Work effectively as a team member, Willingness to comply, Experience, Managing, Coordinating, Ability to lift, Essential physical requirements, task oriented

Professional Keywords:

Planning. organizing, supervising, communicate, record, interviewing, hiring, integrating new employees, involvement with employees, provide recommendations, work effectively as a a team member, experience, managing, coordinating, task oriented

Most Essential Keywords

  • Communication: Planning, organizing, involvement with employees, supervising, record
  • Leadership: Experience, team member, managing, coordinating
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