Hey pal. Actually we’re not quite pals yet, but we will be.

A good way to get our friendship going is to start writing for Umoja Power.

What’s Umoja Power?

Well, you’re on it right now. So that’s a start.

Umoja Power is a publication started by Etienne Rodriguez as a way to amplify the voices of marginalized people. The people whose voices are largely ignored or drowned out by the mainstream media and outlets.

Umoja Power is a community for marginalized people to come together, tell their stories, and work among like-minded individuals.

Why Would I Want To Write For You?

That’s a good question. I could go on telling you how great we are, and how our publication will give your writing a lot of exposure, but that’s just not true.

We’re a small publication, growing everyday, that mostly picks up already published pieces. But if you decide to write for us you could help establish a community and platform for people who don’t have anywhere else. By writing for us you will be working to amplify voices while simultaneously creating your own content.

How Do I Apply?

Well, we’re rather small right now, so the application process is fairly informal.

Head on over to our Twitter account and send us a direct message or email us at umojapowerwriting@gmail.com.


  • Short description of who you are
  • A draft of one of your stories (They can range from fiction to opinion pieces; almost anything will do)

What Will I Be Doing If Accepted?

You’ll be writing any stories that you like. All you have to do is hit the ‘Add to Publication’ button and we’ll look it over.

The reviewing process will be to see if it matches up with our standards and ideals as a community. If everything seems good we’ll publish it to the publication.

If you’re not interested in writing for us yourself, please share this. It’s important for us to get exposure in order for our community and platform to grow and truly help people.

Thank you!