My 1st roll of film.

National Shrine of Our Mother of Perpetual Help also known as Baclaran Church.

This was my 1st film I’ve used it’s Kodakcolorplus200, Camera: Kyocera 230AF…

I think this was the best shot I took from the 36shots I will never forget that feeling when I took my 1st 35mm film to Hidalgo st. in Quiapo, Manila. The Camera I’ve been using my father gave it to me he bought it from a lady just selling like a thrift shop, my impression was I thought it was broken because the backcase lock was broken and the rewind button not functioning I don’t have any idea how to use that SLR how it works because I only have idea in using Dslr. The SLR was so old and destroyed it has taped in back the other parts was broken I think it was dropped somewhere in the floor. okay let’s make it short hahaha I thought my 1st shot was there will be no images appear in 36 shots because of the physical appearance of the SLR but I was shocked and amazed when the film processed all the images comes out oh Thank God it’s working although the rewind button was not working but I got an idea how the film will exposed.. I was hide in a dark room in our office turn off the light then pulled the film then rolled, after work I brought the film cartridge in Quiapo… I was so happy when I saw the film scanned convert into digital. I will Describe this photo in one word…. ” AMAZING ” if you have any question or hear the long story about my 1st roll of film you can follow/message me on Instagram: Umpakers.