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It’s easy to say just do it.

Just start creating the things you want to create.

But creatives are complicated humans, and sometimes the easy answer isn’t quite enough to get you started starting.

If you’re having a hard time getting going, here are 10 ways to stop waiting and…

Take the stairs I told myself, as usual.
I was in a garage after a doctor’s appointment.
Feeling okey dokey, just a check up. Thanks.
And I guess open and grateful because of the above.
And then there was a pink wall.
Had to stop and shoot. …

Life is big.
If we’re lucky.

But it doesn’t always feel lucky when life gets big.
It feels scary. It feels dangerous. It feels unchartered. It feels uncertain.
And it’s AP Life to feel like a siutuation that provokes those feelings is lucky.

But what’s the choice?
A small life.


I just saw Will Smith on Instagram.
Telling me that failure is the key to success.
Good reminder.
But, I mean why is Will Smith busy doing this?
Usually the thing you are reminding other people is what you are needing to hear.
Does Will Smith need to hear that?
Well, I guess…

Beth Lapides

maker + muse. NPR, Comedy Central, O Magazine, LA Weekly, Time, LA Times, UnCabaret @bethlapides

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