I just saw Will Smith on Instagram.
Telling me that failure is the key to success.
Good reminder.
But, I mean why is Will Smith busy doing this?
Usually the thing you are reminding other people is what you are needing to hear.
Does Will Smith need to hear that?
Well, I guess so.

Sometimes it seems like there are like three things to know.
OK maybe 8.
And we all just keep telling them to each other.
In various ways. With various subtle variations.
Because they are so easy to forget.
I wonder why that is?
Is it just the parade of everything that is actual and and numbing
That keeps us from all that is possible?
Does the sandstorm keep us from the open sky?

Why is it so easy to forget what we need to know?
Long to know.
Know we know.
Is it that remembering is part of it?
Putting it back together.
Is that the fun?
Is it that the system is rigged so that we have to tell each other?
Is it that our brains are being destroyed by EMF’s?
Is it that we need to remember less and be in the now more?

I don’t know the answer to this.
And I don’t care.
I used to care.
I used to really really want to know the answers.
And then one day I realized that the key to everything was loving the question.
I had some pretty big questions about my life.
And I couldn’t find the answers.
But I could finally love the questions.

And once I started loving the questions, I started looking for questions that were more lovable.
What went wrong?
That is not the most lovable question!
I forgot that I figured out to love the question though.
Until someone reminded me to the other day.
It’s one of the 8 things.

And it’s written in lipstick on a mirror on the bureau.
I could be looking at it and remembering.
But instead I’m looking at the orchid and asking when will the blooms die?Will it bloom a third time?
And wanting an answer.
Instead of asking how can something be so beautiful?
How can I be like this orchid?
Those are very lovable questions.

Yes, instead of looking at what is written on the mirror
Right in front of my face
In bright red lipstick.
I’m looking in my underwear drawer and asking myself where I will go to get underwear?
And when?
And wanting an answer.
Instead of asking why am I holding on to that pair with ripped lace?
That’s a q to love.

In fact as soon as I finish this I am going to go throw them away.

Ask the lovable questions.
How can I help?
Where is the joy?
Am I here now?
Can I approach the unknown like it is chocolate?

Ask the loveable questions.
Then love them.
And if you fail too?
Well failure is what it takes to succeed.

Right Will Smith?

maker + muse. NPR, Comedy Central, O Magazine, LA Weekly, Time, LA Times, UnCabaret @bethlapides

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