Who will tweet about your virtues when you die?
S.I Ohumu

Kindly disregard my medium name. I’m am indeed bothered about how much impact I would have left on earth at my passing. I try to be helpful to as many people as I can, but I am truly bothered that I am not fulfilling my potentials, at making impact. I do not do it for fame or glory. I learnt from reading the Godfather at a young age to disdain glory. I only do it to be remembered for good. Because that is truly all you can leave behind when you die. The wife, kids, friends, society, etc you struggle to impress will move on when you pass on. It is only the memories of your works that will remain.

A colleague of mine recently passed on at 36. He left a young daughter who is less than 2 years old. And the gifts, grants and trusteeships the young child has received because of his life and works are well over N15m.

Be rest assured that if I am notified of your passing Ms. Ohumu, I will indeed speak about how much of an interesting writer I think you are.

I will be sure to set a google reminder.

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