Thankful Still

It’s 9:59pm and I’m in my office on the eve of Good Friday, my birthday. I’m not here cos of work. I finished my quarterly reports earlier today and I’ve spent the last couple of hours at Radisson Blu, sending off a colleague who’s moving to an international investment bank.

I’m listening to Augustana’s Boston right now. Fun’s Stars is scheduled to come up next. They represent my current mood.

I’m still in the office cos my mechanic is still with the car I intend to set out to the village with at 5 a.m tomorrow . He left here at 10 a.m today with the mandate the change my A/C’s compressor and condenser and 50k to execute the mandate. It’s been 12 fucking hours and his phone is switched off.

I have so much to do, to prep for a trip that I’m so scared to undertake. The fact that I’m driving the car on such a treacherous route is a big deal for me. But it’s nothing compared to the reason I’m taking the trip.

In all of this though, I’ve resolved to be thankful, I’ve decided that come what may, I will not allow anything to put me off or annoy me. Once I finish this article, I’ll take an Uber, get my hair cut and proceed home. Whenever the mechanic decides to respond and return my car, I’ll deal with him. And if he decides to disappear with the car, I’ll take it as a divine sign. The car is comprehensively insured anyway.

Haha! My barber just called to say he can’t wait anymore and the office is getting hot. I have to go.

Happy Birthday to me.

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