Shoot Your Shot!

Slide into the DMs. (How can women not find it creepy? Sliding into anything seems sinister, right?) Anyways, we’re digressing, sort of.

Lets take it back to what this post is REALLY about. Client acquisition. Yes, client acquisition. This is a way to acquaint your company to potential clients. This is a problem we have and surely other agencies, and startups, have.

This is how I delved into Socedo. I am already giving Aseem Badshah a shout out and all they did was “shoot their shot”. We are now informed on the tool he provides and it could benefits companies. Though the Direct Message (DM) may have been slightly generic he did add our name to it, so that was nice.

Customers are not fans of marketers’ cold calls, spam emails etc. Implementing advice from his article Why Twitter Direct Messages Outperform Marketing Emails .

Some tips from the article:

  1. Tailor content to what the customer tweets about.
  2. Use customers’ names in DMs.
  3. Don’t just promote; start a conversation.

We “shot our shots” now lets see what happens. (In hindsight, maybe shouldn’t have said “Yo!”, but what’s done is done).