[Jared Rant: [2015/09/24] This is going on ANX, but I always give you guys a sneak peek.

[Editor’s note: by this time, Jared had been hired to write for the site “American NewsX” (ANX). This is a draft of the story he eventually published there. Of course, ANX reserves rights to the final published article. Not one word has been changed, but some paragraph breaks have been inserted for readability.]

This is going on ANX, but I always give you guys a sneak peek. It’s political, but also touches on a subject I think a lot of us hold dear. I know most of you know a lot of the personal stuff, but the people reading it don’t, and if you like it then please like it when it’s in its polished form. Btw, and this relates to the post, I’m readying my motion for a court date and am heading to the courthouse later today! Anyway, here’s the story.

I’m a drug addict. I was going to say I’m a FORMER drug addict, but that would be disingenuous. I am addicted to prescription pain pills. I have been for the last year and a half, my liver function is now abnormal (though not terribly) and it can’t have been helped by the fact that once I could no longer smoke pot (probation) I was “forced” to go other routes (alcohol). I am an addict, I will always be an addict, but to be clear, I am not a criminal anymore, though the remnants of my criminality still remain long after I’ve “Paid my debt to society.”

I cannot get a job that doesn’t involve me lifting 80 pounds or more (which is where the pain pills started and it was all very innocent and legal like), and I can’t get an apartment that doesn’t involve me living in a crime infested area, which would be less terrifying if I were allowed to own a firearm, but I am not. EVER. Even though I have “Paid my debt to society.” I can’t get a decent job because I was once wrapped up in drugs, and make no mistake, I blame no one but myself. I couldn’t stop. I couldn’t learn. It took two stints in prison where were I inclined I could have made the best connects EVER, but instead spent most of my time trying to remain invisible, educated myself, and watching my elderly mother cry in the visiting room A LOT. But, this isn’t about me.

It came to me to write this only after watching the last republican debate where Carly Fiorina alluded to the fact that marijuana is what killed her child. She didn’t ACTUALLY say it, but like so many politicians she said it without saying it. Now, try to get by the fact that she used the death of her child to score political points. We all know that borders on inhuman. Try to ignore the fact that she might have been the most despicable human being (no offense to human beings) on that stage (and Trump was on that stage).

Try to EVEN understand that I lost my only other sibling (my brother) at 17 to alcohol. And try to remember that I am a former heroin addict that has been clean for 3 years and am never going back, even as I struggle with pain, lower my pain meds, and try to find some semblance of a job that will pay me a living wage every day. I’m done with this state sponsored addiction. But, again this isn’t about me.

This is about millions of people who have lost or didn’t get jobs because they got arrested for a dimebag. This is about people who couldn’t get an apartment that wasn’t in a drug infested area so they moved next door to a pot dealer and got busted again. This is about the cartels making BILLIONS of dollars while our police are busy busting people smoking in the park as a rape occurs down the street. This is about the fact that alcohol kills thousands of people every year while marijuana has yet to directly claim a life. This is about the fact that I could literally walk to the corner store and buy a 24 pack and walk it home in full view, while cancer patients in my state (Texas) have to become criminals who hide in the shadows just to find some kind of relief while people like CF spew their untrue despicable nonsense and try to lead the free world.

I could invoke the LONG story of my 65 year old uncle who was diagnosed with bone cancer a few years ago, lost 80 pounds because he couldn’t eat and his body was giving up, FINALLY took my advice about smoking, gained it all back, fought, and last week was diagnosed cancer-free (No, I am not saying pot saved his life, per se). We could talk about all of that stuff.


What concerns me the most is that the top 3 candidates for the Right (who statistically should win after 8 years of blue) are peddling stuff that just isn’t true. “Marijuana is worse than alcohol.” No, it isn’t. “It’s a gateway drug!” Not any more than alcohol. In fact, the last time I lost my sobriety (years ago) was because I got really drunk and it sounded GREAT. Prison followed soon after.

If I had smoked a joint I would have just sat on the couch, watched Cartoon Network, and ate Cheesy Poofs instead, but I digress.

They’re anti-science. They’re anti-facts. They sell fear, and (at least in CF’s case) use the death of their children as a way to get boosts in the polls and (as if that isn’t despicable enough) while do so LIE (about the fact that ALCOHOL and prescription pills are what killed her daughter). For me, children should be off limits by everyone in a political campaign, and I can honestly say that after losing my brother twenty years ago, my mother still cries (Especially on Mothers Day) and I’m starting to honestly believe that people like Carly “Shutdown and defund Planned Parenthood” Fiorina have no feelings whatsoever, and I am not being overly dramatic when I say that.

Bottom line: Marijuana doesn’t kill people. It just doesn’t, but do you know what DOES kill people? Undiagnosed HIV, or cancer, or syphilis, or Hep C (or or or or) kill people. You know, the stuff they screen for at Planned Parenthood where the poorest people turn to every day.

Or as people like Carly like to call them: “Poor.”