UMF Recycle Tutorial

2 min readMar 1


  1. Get UMF-UM LP on Raydium (if you already have UMF-UM LP please skip this step)

2. Stake your UMF-UM LP into UMF-UM LP-UMF2-UM LP on UncleMine’s official website

3. You will get UMF2-UM LP as rewards, claim the rewards.

4. Stake the claimed UMF2-UM LP into UMF2-UM LP Pool to share the mining rewards of the Second IMO!


The total rewards of [UMF-UM LP]- [UMF2-UM LP] Pool:

UMF2-UM LPs composed of 2000 UMF2 and corresponding UM.

All rewards will be distributed linearly over 100 days.

Only when you staked UMF2-UM LP tokens into the UMF2-UM LP pool can share the mining rewards.

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