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Uncloak — The Mother of all FAQ’s
Jun 19, 2018 · 10 min read

We have compiled a list of answers for any questions we have experienced through Telegram, e-mails and in AMA sessions. So, here’s everything you need to know about Uncloak…

What is Uncloak?

Uncloak is a virtual cyber security consultant that helps companies regardless of their size to be able to take the steps to securing their computers without complication or relying on expensive cyber security software solutions and trained staff.

Running on an EOS fully scalable blockchain powered technology, Uncloak enables businesses to monitor, protect themselves against and eliminate cyber threats, staying one step ahead of the Hacker.

Uncloak is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) based analytical tool for the intuitive, automated and seamless performance of security checks: giving users the ability to cut through the cyber jargon and understand, remediate and resolve cyber security issues. Features include:

  1. Vulnerability scanning to tell you where your present security weaknesses are on your computers and networking equipment,

Why use the blockchain? Is there a valid usage for a decentralized solution?

The EOS blockchain technology is used by the Uncloak platform for :

  1. Permissioned access to data for groups of hunters/validators/clients

Any vulnerabilities that have been found within an application by a hunter are immediately checked against an existing public cyber vulnerability database to ensure it is indeed a new cyber threat and not an existing recorded threat. Each hunter has the ability to check another hunter’s vulnerability, taking up to 4 validators (ethical hackers) to check that a vulnerability found is genuine and can be recorded to the blockchain as a real cyber threat. The hunter discovering the vulnerability will be given for example 10,000 UCC (not accurate) tokens unique to the platform, whilst the hunters who checked the validity of the vulnerability will be given 1500 UCC tokens each, which can be converted on our platform to tradeable UNC tokens which can be exchanged for Ethereum on a public exchange.

It eliminates administration costs when rewarding cyber security testers “hunters”- no human interaction required. The use of the blockchain and smart contract voting rights system greatly reduces the level of manual administration, costs and time required to advertise a new cyber threat via our Uncloak platform.

It ensures that any security vulnerabilities that are found are proven to originate from the Uncloak platform which will increase social proof of the solution encouraging new organisations to sign up to the platform.

Why use the EOS protocol layer over other blockchain protocols?

EOS is considered a high security blockchain with high speed transaction settlement and works similar to decentralised clustered computer allow applications to be installed directly on the blockchain which is revolutionary.

EOS uses a Delegated Proof of Stake (DPOS) consensus mechanism. Typical DPOS blockchains have 100% block producer participation. A transaction can be considered confirmed with 99.9% certainty after an average of 1.5 seconds from time of broadcast which is much faster than Bitcoin and Ethereum which is required for running a customer facing application like steemit/bitshares and of course Uncloak.

Would it be right to say that in Uncloak, AI find security threats and IT security experts resolve them.

That would be correct since our solution is twofold.

1 Advanced AI will check public & hidden internet data for cyber threats.

2 Uncloak will then allow verified IT security experts worldwide to collaborate in finding/resolving those cyber threat/vulnerabilities.

Do you have an MVP (minimum viable product)?

Uncloak already has spent one year developing an MVP which is available as a demo right now. This has developed through Uncloak’s expertise in the cybersecurity space, working with many small to large enterprise clients who have similar security requirements in protecting their infrastructure and who seek a systematic approach to thwarting would-be hackers.

How does Uncloak compare with Polyswarm?

Polyswarm are in a different market to us. They are concerned more with distributed malware protection. The marketing is pushed more towards threat detection, however, they are a distributed bug bounty focused on malware. Uncloak are looking at vulnerabilites/threats on multiple levels, from blockchain infrastructure through to an organisations computer network.

Uncloak aim to take a proactive approach, tackling cyber security threats on all fronts, rather than relying on a reactive solution. Uncloak goes out into the private/public web searching for vulnerabilities, utilising Artificial Intelligence, combined with a bug bounty program. Prevention is better than cure.

How does Uncloak compare with Hacken?

Hacken are bug bounty business, marketed by John McAffee, which depends on manpower to sustain the bug bounty. The bug bounty element is only a small part of Uncloak’s ecosystem and is designed for mass market businesses.

How does Uncloak compare with Sentinel Protocol?

Sentinel concentrates on finding vulnerabilities within the blockchain’s smart contracts. The emphasis is on protecting cryptocurrency transactions. although this is an issue that does need security, it ignores over 99% of the market which does not trade via smart contract. Uncloak is for any organisation, from a normal home office worker through to an multi-national enterprise company. Uncloak is designed for all infrastructures, whilst incorporating a Bug bounty, AI and vulnerability scanning for a comprehensive security threat assessment. We have even coined the term “zero Hour” as we seek to find threats quicker than any other solutions on or off the blockchain.

Why does the road map stop at 2018?

We have seen so many ICOs discuss 3–4 year plans. The market changes every year in this fast moving climate. We want to be realistic in Uncloak. We know what the commercial market is providing from Palo Alto, Cisco, Watchguard, DarkTrace, Splunk etc. Our aim is to manage expectations and over deliver.

Can anyone add an software application to the blockchain? What is the process of it?

The process is not adding an software application to be checked like a bug bounty but our vulnerability scanner collects data on software version for example and then strips any sensitive data onto the Uncloak platform to allow hunters to find new vulnerabilities, the hunters have no access to client data at all and once the validation process has been completed then it has is added to the blockchain.

Is Uncloak also in the DDoS market?

Uncloak is not a perimeter defence system (firewall or IDS system), but we are concerned with highlighting the threats/vulnerabilities that could lead to this sort of attack.

When is testnet and mainnet planned?

Testnet was initially scheduled for Q4 2018 but is now likely to be brought forward to Q3 2018. Main-net will be Q4 2018.

Is there a github codebase that can be viewed?

All code is private and not publicly available

Are you going to use ethereum platform or create a new blockchain platform?

Ethereum is used for the crowd sale and subscription to the Uncloak platform. However the Uncloak platform itself will be running on EOS.

Where is the company located?

We operate in London, our company is registered in Estonia.

Could I have a copy of certificate of incorporation, list of directors and details of registered office address?

Please check out the Estonia company register

Is your company GDPR compliant?


What is the vesting schedule for Team and Advisors token?

18 months for founders.

Is vesting for Team and Advisors coded in the smart contract?


Was your smart contract audited by an independent cybersecurity company? If yes by whom?

Coin mercenary.

Why does your project need millions?

There are two reasons for this. Our technology will supercede and fill the existing gaps of lot of the existing cyber security solutions currently available. The software will draw on advanced AI technology development as well as vulnerability proactive testing. Please read our lightpaper and whitepaper available at and

The second is that we need to execute an accelerated product launch and software project development programme. Product launches no longer move from single entrant with a monopoly to an oligopoly, rather they move from single entrant to many competitors launching very soon after. It is important for Uncloak to develop and market quickly with multiple software projects running simultaneously to ensure that the roadmap is adhered to. Once launched Uncloak will aim to gain critical mass as soon as possible.

What is the entry amount for Pre-sale?

The Minimum is $2000 and maximum is $100k.

Token 1 UNC = $0.01 USD

How long does pre-sale run for?

Pre-sale begins on May 25th 2018 and will run until September 24th 2018.

How do I whitelist?

Please go to where you can whitelist and where more information can be found on our next generation cyber security solution.

Not sure if you have been white-listed?

You should receive an update email to confirm successful white-listing. You can also check your status via the dashboard. If not email one of the admin team (details below).

What do I do if my official ID has no expiry date?

Continue to upload your official ID document as required and email one of the admins to check if you still are concerned.

My image is not uploading on my phone.

Please use a PC/laptop/tablet as this has a higher success rate with uploading of documents.

Looking for KYC updates?

KYC is currently being processed. Check the dashboard for the latest status, and keep an eye out on your e-mails for approval notifications.

Are you using a reputable 3rd party for KYC verification? How safe is it to upload my Identity Document on your site?

We use Https secure website and carry out regular cyber security audits ( using our own team members). KYC Chain is used for kyc verification.

I cannot see my confirmation email?

Email one of the admin names above with your email address. Please do not send anyone your private details or ETH address.

How long should I wait until I get a response?

Due to the large number of interest, we have devised a system to respond to all members. We always aim to respond to you immediately but dependant upon the demand placed on the team this may not always be possible. However, we will always get back to you.

Can I change the amount I initially entered?

You can change the amount you wish to contribute on the dashboard.

Who cannot take part in the token sale

USA ( unless accredited investor handled on a case by case basis) and People’s Republic of China (except Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau).

When will the tokens be unlocked and go to exchange?

The tokens are released immediately, but locked up until exchange listing. We aim to hit the exchanges 6 weeks after end of main ICO.

What is the most incentive to own your tokens as ordinary traders?

We offer up to 30% bonus at presale and our tokens are redeemable on the actual Uncloak platform.

After redeemed to UCC, how can ordinary traders use the tokens?

Our tokens actually carry a value as end clients will pay to use our platform by purchasing Uncloak tokens in exchange for access to cyber threat/ vulnerability capabilities. UCC is an internal token on the platform and can only be transferred back to unc by subscribers who can decide what to do with their erc20 compatible tokens. There is a tight relationship between erc20 unc and ucc tokens.

How do you add Uncloak tokens to your wallet

Using your Ethereum wallet ( ) log into your account then click on << show all tokens>> — then select «Add custom token».

You will see three fields: token name, address, and decimals. Token name: UNC Address: 0x6d835879A256978755b8F3A3ec2C76c5188404f5 Decimals: 18 . After that, click «Save» and you will see your UNC balance

Through which mail address can I best reach the team?

If its an investment enquiry please contact us on or if its marketing related

Who are the admin team?

@OlaDada @Larme58, @Onboard_and_Ready or @gblockstar or @abad07

How many Uncloak administrators are there on Telegram?

The only admins are those mentioned above, who will have ‘admin’ next to their name on Telegram. No others are administrators, unless notified. There will be admin available for support 24/7.

Interested in working with us or getting involved with marketing?


Are you interested in knowing more about the private sale?


Where can I get info for bounty?

Please send questions re: Bounty program to TG is @uncloakiobounty