12 Ways Being A Teacher Will Change Your Life

Whether you’re already a teacher or looking for a new career, there’s nothing quite like changing history.

1. Your students’ electric smiles will fill every day with joy.

Learning is joyful. Our students know it, our teachers know it, and you can feel it in every classroom.

2. You’ll be treated like a celebrity.

Just wait until your students see you outside of school and are shocked because they thought you lived there.

3. You’ll meet your new best friends.

Teachers collaborate and learn from each other to constantly improve. Not to mention you spend more time around each other than anyone else. That’s a bond that can’t be broken.

4. You’ll develop an intense caffeine addiction

Coffee will be your new best friend, and you’ll drink more of it than you thought possible. It’s like a hug in a cup.

5. You’ll find yourself unleashing your inner teacher outside of the classroom.

Whether it’s correcting a friend’s grammar or pushing in chairs at another table in a restaurant, you’ll find yourself unable to escape your new classroom persona.

6. You’ll feel really up-to-date on youth pop culture.

When does the new Diary of a Wimpy Kid book come out? What happened on the latest episode of Rick and Morty? You’ll know answers to questions you didn’t even know existed before.

7. The best moment of your day will be that “A-ha!” moment.

There’s nothing quite like seeing the exact moment your students “get it.” They’ll be excited, and you’ll beam with pride.

8. You won’t have an answer when someone asks “what’s your typical day like?”

Every day is different, with new adventures and challenges. And that’s part of the fun.

9. You’ll find yourself bragging about your students all the time.

“My students just published their poems from our poetry unit.” “A student in my class was named Student of the Month for the whole school.” You’ll talk about your students’ accomplishments as if they’re your own. Of course, in a way, they are.

10. A Friday night in sweats with Netflix and Seamless will be your new utopia.

The weeks are long because you accomplish so much with your students, and there’s no better way to treat yourself at the end than with a night of relaxation.

11. You’ll perfect your poker face.

Your students will say unintentionally hilarious things that you can’t acknowledge. You’ll become the master of giggling, just on the inside.

12. You’ll change history.

Education is a strong catalyst for social justice, and closing the achievement gap will change the trajectory of students’ entire lives, setting them on a path to success in college and beyond. At Uncommon Schools, our teachers and schools do such amazing work with our students that, according to CREDO at Stanford University, they “completely cancel out the negative effect associated with being a student in poverty.”

Does teaching sound like the career for you? Do you want to #ChangeHistory with us? Learn more, and apply today.