Do you have good math on the energy cost of creating and delivering electricity?
Barry Leybovich

It will cost TRILLIONS of dollars to upgrade the grid and distribution networks to handle large numbers of electric vehicles. Not to mention EVs are low performers, they are huge users of rare materials/minerals that require additional mining and thus more use of fossil fuels. Let’s look at the real proportion of electric vehicles in the world vs conventional. Ironically there was just a research article saying the way to cut the world’s carbon footprint was to only have one child — sounds like NOT having all the people die in car accidents will inadvertently raise the carbon footprint of earth, even if the EVs take off. Further, self-driving isn’t as simple as it sounds — there was a good critique recently in the letters to American Scientist (a great mag). Wind and solar account for 1.4% of world energy supply vs 81% from fossil fuels (the balance being hydro, biofuels/wood, nuclear) so EVs are not about to conquer the world anytime soon charged by unreliable/intermittent wind/solar. A sobering look at how much MORE electricity we would need to go EV in EU. Then, extrapolate. Looks like coal shares might be a great investment…

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