Weekly Progress Report #10 — From the Pen of Zomboss

Undead Blocks
4 min readApr 19


Hello survivors, welcome back to another weekly report with me, Zomboss. Yesterday (technically today, due to a corrupted build delaying the public version’s upload) we released update v1.7.5, featuring the long-awaited feature of multi ZBOXes, and the deadly RPG. Other things were added too, which can all be read at

Moving on, this report will focus on a couple of things. The update before the tournament, the tournament itself, and the post-tournament plans.


To start, we will have one more update before the tournament on the 28th. This update will consist of adding additional features for the tournament, and bug fixes report during the lead-up to the tournament. There isn’t a specific date in mind for this update, only that it will happen before the 28th. Since the main goal will be bug fixes, we’ll be checking bug reports and working hard to ensure we get as many fixed as humanly possible to provide a smooth experience for users. The bulk of the update will be tournament features, expanding on the backend that was added in the current update.

Now we get into the meat and potatoes, the tournament itself. So, how will the tournament work?

This is a Genesis tournament, meaning only users with a Genesis NFT loadout will be able to participate. Renting will be available, and a renter who earns a placement will have their winnings split with the lender based on the agreed split % on Blumint.

This is our first tournament with renting, so some additional measures are in place. A very important note, you will only be able to lend a pack to one person for the whole tournament. If you have multiple packs, each pack will be able to be lent to a single player. Adding onto this, this does mean that if the person you rent to cheats or is banned by other means, that will still count as the user for the tournament.

For this reason, it is highly recommended you attempt to lend to someone you trust/a whitelisted user first and know that you accept risks if you lend your pack to someone you do not know. Keep in mind this rule is a security measure for the first tournament with renting, and based on how this tournament runs the rule may be lessened for future tournaments.


Now onto the tournament mode itself. How does it work?

The mode will be similar to tournaments in the past. Players will have 10 minutes to kill as many zombies as they can. Players will also start with a knife and pistol as normal, and only be able to buy the Genesis weapons that they own. Note this is only Genesis weapons, so even if you own an apocalypse set you will not be able to purchase those weapons.

The big change is the scoring system. The leaderboard scores are not based on kills nor XP, but instead, ZBOXes will also be able to spawn from zombies you kill. These tournament ZBOXes will give standard ZBUX and have a higher chance to spawn the more zombies killed. After 10 minutes, or after death, the standard ZBUX will be tallied up, and the highest amount a player earned during a match is placed on the leaderboard.

This creates an exciting mix of luck and skill, while also celebrating the multi-ZBOX update in a unique way. Players who have better Genesis packs will be able to kill more zombies and earn more boxes, but players with smaller packs are still able to keep up, and a single lucky box can rocket a player forward.

Of course, you also get to keep all the standard zbux you earn during tournament matches you play, so even if you have a bad match, you’re still rewarded.

This game mode is experimental, so we’ll be open for feedback after the tournament to see what can be changed, improved, and what’s here to stay. We’ll have a tournament feedback form ready in order to collect as much info as we can from renters and lenders alike.

Be ready to rock and roll when the 28th Genesis tournament weekend begins!


So finally, after the tournament is over, what’s the plan? With the biggest change made (multi-ZBOXes), we want to hunker down and focus on more features and content for the game. Of course, updates will be made to address any bugs, but the team wants to commit hard to improving the game itself and getting out of early access into a proper fully launched game. We have characters, weapons, and more that already have some progress, as well as a few other special secrets that I can’t disclose…. Yet. Weekly reports will serve to show what features are being made, so that players can keep an eye on progress, but rather than these smaller content updates followed by bug fixing that splits our attention, we feel its better to work on a big update that will release later down the line, that also serves to give us more time to polish. Perhaps our sneak peek channel may see a little more use in the coming weeks?


To sum it up, we have a big bug fix bonanza pre-tournament, culminating in an update, our big ZBOX adventure with the Genesis tournament, before a post-tournament time where we focus on improving the content of the game. We have big plans, and as time passes I hope you’ll be excited by what we show you!

Until then,

Rock on, survivors!