We’re all well-connected. How many of us have friends?

In our current age of globalized inter-connectedness, friends are as easy as a screen name. But friendship is a rare jewel.

Today’s level of connectivity creates the illusion that friends are available in abundance. Like friends, connections can buy a drink, grab a bite, and sometimes, lend a hand. But a connection is momentary and utilitarian. A connection is not friendship.

Friendship goes the distance with no regard for utility. It moves your couch into the U-haul and then stays to load the piano. Friendship stands by you when the connections are afraid doing so might cost them their job. When you spend the night in the hospital with your spouse, you trust Friendship to watch your kids.

Friendship is costly. It requires time, attention, and sacrifice in a day when those things are often in short-supply. Friendship calls for investment. However more often than not the investment is a pleasure. Also, the investment helps us to recognize the difference between the counterfeit and the real Mccoy.

Connections are ok. After all, they are the foundation for future relationships. But we should inventory our many connections and see which have required anything of us. If they have not, the truth is we may be more alone than we think.