Episode 2: An invisible girlfriend

Could it be true that in this fast-paced technological era, the best way to forge a real connection is by creating a fake girlfriend? We’re not entirely sure — but it turns out, there’s an app for that.

Hosted by Eric Brandner and Davin Coburn, The Underscore is a podcast exploring and explaining the quirky side of American culture. On this episode, we go behind the curtain of the Invisible Girlfriend phenomenon, speaking to the people who actually power a text-based imaginary-partner service — and looking at what keeps its users coming back.



Thanks again to Digg editor Steve Rousseau, Crowdsource COO Erin Steinbruegge, and freelance writer and editor — and sometimes invisible girlfriend — Laura Harper for joining the podcast.


The Underscore’s theme music is a mashup by Gunnbladez and Stereo Surgeon.