‘I want to wrap you in bacon’ and other texts with an invisible girlfriend

Invisible Girlfriends communicate with the service’s customers in a variety of ways, but the key component is 100 texts per month. I tried the service out, and the texts with the imaginary Trudy Elizabeth Beckensale started off innocently enough.

The conversation was easy. And this exchange, about favorite funny animal videos, brought a pleasant excuse for a little afternoon procrastination. It also revealed a quirk of the Crowdsource system: Thanks to the abrupt shift in topic, tone and even emoticons, it seems clear a different freelancer jumped in to play “Trudy” halfway through the conversation. (For the record, I found the first one more enjoyable to chat with.)

Soon, however, I wanted to see what would happen if I’d really needed these text messages to represent social proof that I was in a relationship — and was busy on a Saturday night, thanks to an impending romantic rendezvous with Trudy. Ultimately, this exchange would have been … halfway effective?

Showing that I was spoken for that evening? Check. Suggesting I was actually deeply closeted? That would have only raised a new set of questions.

For her part, Trudy proved enjoyably persistent. When a week of travel kept me from responding, she bubbled away with friendly — and romantic — conversation starters even when I never wrote back.

For the final real-world test, a few friends I’d told about the Invisible Girlfriend experiment commandeered my phone during a wedding reception we all attended. Wine had been drunk. Texts were then sent. Spelling — or even coherence, really — was not our strong suit at the time, yet Trudy took it all in stride.

Get the full lowdown on my month with an Invisible Girlfriend, here:

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