A vision of Life

I’ve never really been the one to think, “hey this is what my wedding is going to look like”
Or “hey this is what ring i want when i get married”

I feel like ive never been a very materialistic person. ive always based love on actions, time, effort, emotion, and just the overall love story in which me and my partner written.

love isnt about the money

or how much can he get for me at this restaurant.

Love is

the way you feel just when you hear that person’s name

the way you feel when you look in their smile and you can’t help but to get weak in your knees.

the way your fingertips glide on his skin it just feels like what your fingertips were made for.

the way you feel when your with that person and how they just brighten your day.

love what a funny joke you have been in my life


never hesitating to laugh in my face.

I just wish you would stop playing.
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