Unfade 1.2: New Features & iPad Support

The summer season is here and we’re proud to announce our second huge update after being in the App Store for only 2 months. It’s nice to see that the overall feedback is very positive and that everyone is so excited for upcoming features.

iPad support & new photos grid

As promised earlier, we’ve added iPad support to this release along with a completely new photos grid. The dynamic grid layout makes your photos look fantastic on every device and it doesn’t crop the photos to make them fit.

We know that you’re still missing the iCloud sync, but rest assured that the groundwork is laid and we’re working hard on delivering it as soon as possible.

Photo import and EXIF

Many of you have requested to import existing photos and the ability to export photos with EXIF data. We made both features available with this release and you can easily import photos if you have already scanned them with the wrong app 😉. You can even apply our 25 amazing filters and crop the photos with the new very accurate perspective correction. Speaking of filters: They’re now much faster because of our use of the latest Apple technologies like Metal.

Did we introduce Scanbot yet?

Probably many of you know already that we’re also the developer of the award winning document scanning app Scanbot. If you like Unfade you should check it out and see what we’ve been doing before and how it helps you to stay ahead of your mountain of paperwork.

Unfade world tour

We’re continually adding more languages to Unfade and trying to be known in more countries. We really appreciate every retweet, post or mention from you to help us spreading the word. Especially if you show-off your best 90s look 😃.

Keep unfading!
– Christoph & the Unfade team