Unfade 2.0 is here

Unfade 2.0 is here and is the best photo album scanner for iOS you can get! It’s a free update to all users, and we are excited for your feedback. Our work on the latest update was driven by the strive to capture everything and enjoy your memories everywhere. From the moment Unfade launched last year, we gathered all of your suggestions and feedback to make the app much better. We believe that the new features in this release will enhance the experience for everyone.

Unfade now comes as two distinctive apps. Beside the paid version, we now offer a free version with the option to unlock features. If you hesitated to buy Unfade — now you can try it for free and unlock what you need. If you already use the paid version, you will get the huge update with all of the new features for free.

But let’s dive a little bit more into detail and see what we have changed

“Throwback Thursday” has, for quite some time now, shown that many like to repost old photos of themselves or their experiences throughout life. People rummage countless of old photos, scrolling through their old photo albums, just to share experiences from their past with their people. Photo scanning captures and preserves what is most important to us — our memories.

There’s many ways to scan old photos. Most of them take a lot of time, risk (by sending the original to a service) photos or are very expensive. And scanning photos is just the start. You probably also want to add handwritten notes like a date or a location from your albums, sort and organize photos and of course access them from every device. Unfade 2.0 makes all of that possible now. Sync your photos across devices, export them to your Mac/PC, add metadata to your photos and share them instantly.

Access your memories everywhere with iCloud sync

Wherever you go, you will now always have all your unique and valuable memories with you. Especially during Easter time we get together with our families, reminiscing about the past and sharing some good old stories. With the iCloud sync of Unfade 2.0, you can now enjoy these memories on all of your iOS devices too. So how about surprising your relatives by showing them photos of your first family vacation on your iPad? In addition, all of your photos stored in Unfade can be exported to your iCloud Drive so that you can access them on your PC or Mac.

Bringing order into chaos

With Unfade 2.0 you can not only capture photos, but also keep all the info that comes along with them. Add a date for photos or albums. If you can’t pin it exactly, we made it easy to set a decade and season instead of exact years and months. This also has the effect that the photos will be sorted into the correct chronological order when you export them.
You can also pick a title for each photo and a location, which will be shown on a beautiful little map.

Share your Throwback Thursday photos in an instant

Sharing to facebook is now easier than ever. We integrated a special button for facebook to share your favorite 90s look along with a message right from the app.

We are thrilled to know what you think! Reach out to us on Facebook, Twitter or via email at support@unfade.io and let us know what you like best and what’s still missing. And by the way, we are now also available on Instagram so make sure to follow us!

Keep reminiscing,
Christoph and the Unfade team

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