One for the Road — Big Data & the Automobile Industry

Sep 17, 2016 · 5 min read
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Big Data and Analytics are the success stories of today. By Capture, Curation and Exhibition of relevant Data, Big Data is empowering enterprises with deeper and more meaningful insights into their data. Big Data is now the major focus across diverse industries and domains.

Automobile industry faces new challenges in the market today. Improvements in technology, new entrants, shift to mobility as a service and change in customer preferences for more connected capabilities are some of the major challenges that the auto industry faces. To remain competitive, it becomes important for the auto industry to leverage the power of Big Data & Analytics.

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Data Collection Techniques

Data collection techniques for automobiles gained maturity over the years by using current technology offerings like mobile devices, wearables, Big Data, Business Intelligence, Cloud and Social Media. The major focus of these collection techniques was to improve customer experience and achieve better vehicle health.

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Fascinating Use Cases of Big Data for Automobiles

1. The Connected Car

The features that OEMs offer for connected cars prove that it is in fact Big Data & Analytics that is all set to spearhead a technology revolution in the Automobile Industry.

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2. Automated Insights for Design & Production

Manufacturing simulations are helping with continual improvement cycles, with the cohesion of Predictive Analytics and Big Data. Assembly line observations can help improve workforce and operational efficiency. Big Data helps make the Design & Manufacturing process more informed and helps deliver better transportation systems.

3. Predictive Maintenance, Automated Service Scheduling & Aftermarket

4. Automobile Financing

5. Supply Chain Improvements

6. Vehicle Sales & Marketing

Personalized marketing is the newest jargon in digital marketing. Customer profiles assembled using insights gained using Big Data help in integrating personalization into the software systems and enterprise solutions to arrive at better lead conversion rates.

Our Take

The automobile industry is beginning to expanding its boundaries from traditional notions to innovative concepts such as Electric, Connected & Autonomous vehicles and Mobility Services using Big Data and advances in technology. To tap into the innovation happening now, most OEMs already have a presence in the Silicon Valley and we expect a lot of features to get integrated into the next generation of cars in a larger way and in a shorter time to market. Big Data is for sure going to be a big game changer for the road in the near future.

Do you think Big Data has changed the face of the automobile industry? Tell us in the comments below!

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