Professor Martin Charter, Director of our Centre for Sustainable Design, on his mission to ‘design out’ waste in industries from fishing to fashion.

The UK generates more than 222.9 million tonnes a year in waste, and less than 50 per cent of this is recycled. In the past decade, startling figures such as this have contributed to a renewed interest in mending and repair, as more of us wake up to conscious consumerism.

UCA’s Professor Anna Fox on Fast Forward, the pioneering research project that’s tackling the under-representation of women in photography.

In 2014, UCA Professor of Photography Anna Fox had a simple question: Where were all the women?

“I was talking with my colleague Karen Knorr about how many women were in our photography classes at UCA — and other universities, too,” says Fox.

“There are a lot of women studying…

UCA Crafts Study Centre Director Simon Olding on his enduring fascination with British studio pottery, and a career spent exploring the story of studio ceramics.

“There is something about clay that is deeply familiar,” says Professor Simon Olding, reflecting on his longstanding love affair with pottery.

“It forms part of our daily round, as it has done for millennia. …

UCA’s Architecture Programme Director Sam McElhinney gives an insight into the research which led to the design of his innovative app, Isovist.

Many different factors can affect the way that we experience a building — the amount of light, the proportions of the rooms, the positioning of doorways and corridors, surfaces, and even our personality type.

It is the job of architects to take control of these elements to create buildings that…

Lesley Millar MBE, Director of UCA’s International Textile Research Centre at UCA, discusses her work bringing together textiles from across the globe.

“Textiles speak a language that crosses cultures, but also goes underneath them,” says Professor Lesley Millar MBE, director of the International Textile Research Centre at UCA. “The discipline provides opportunities to say things that you can’t say in any other medium.”

Millar has been curating textile exhibitions for over 25…

A chance discovery on a fashion app has led to a prestigious title for UCA graduate Martina Mansaray — Pretty Little Things’ Designer of the Year.

Martina Mansaray, who studied BA (Hons) Fashion Design and graduated in 2018, had been furloughed from her job in retail for almost six months when she saw a competition on the Pretty Little Things (PLT) app offering merging designers a chance to create work for them.

UCA students on our BA (Hons) Film & Digital Art degree course had to think outside the box to overcome the challenges of lockdown in their latest project — Torn Together.

Events of the last year have presented so many different challenges for all walks of life, including UCA students who have had to constantly adjust plans and take new approaches to make their work.

One example can be found on the BA (Hons) Film & Digital Art course. Normally, students…

Informed by her experience of Autism and Selective Mutism, UCA Fine Art student Annie Crawford’s work makes a powerful statement.

With her vibrant artwork, full of shape, colour and texture, Annie Crawford is making a statement. And it has extra power because, as someone with autism and selective mutism, she’s hasn’t spoken a word since she joined UCA two years ago.

Annie studies BA (Hons) Fine Art at UCA Farnham…

After losing someone close to her, BA Illustration student Lucy Munt set out to use her talents to help other young adults coping with loss.

UCA students are constantly creating work that can inspire, innovate and stimulate conversation — and third-year Illustration student Lucy Munt’s latest project is a case in point. Lucy, who studies at our Farnham campus, has created a book aimed at young adults, which offers advice on how to deal with…

Clare Lewis shares what she learned from 14 years working across the world with Topshop, and her recent venture into vintage with the launch of her own sustainable brand, Retold.

Clare Lewis used her UCA degree to build a career in fashion that up the role of International Visual Merchandising Manager for Topshop. But a few years ago she switched her focus from fast fashion to sustainable vintage.

We caught up with Clare, who graduated in Fashion Promotion and Illustration…


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