3 ways to ‘cure’ FOMO

Your days at university can be some of the most varied and fun filled days of your life. But all too soon they’re over, and you’re thrust head first into the sea of the real world, full of jobs, bills and responsibilities *shudder*.

Making the most of being at university can be a real problem for some students, who develop a condition known as FOMO, the fear of missing out.


Fortunately there are three known cures: avoiding it, decreasing it, and embracing it.

  1. Avoiding FOMO

If you fill your days to the brim, there will be no room for FOMO! You’ll need to be organised to pull this off, and so it may be worth using a tool like Wunderlist, todo.txt or other organiser to make sure you’re on top of everything. We’re in the digital age now, there’s no need to remember everything you have on, just note it down, set notifications and carry on with your fun-filled fully fuelled life.

To pull off the “ALL THE THINGS” approach to FOMO avoidance, you’ll need to know about all the things that are going on. We have a multitude of clubs, societies, teams and events that you can sign up to all year round. You may not end up going to all of them (in fact if you do manage to get to every one then you deserve a medal) but knowing is half the battle, so sign up.

2. Decreasing FOMO

Talk to people!

Do people even say ‘hang’ any more?

FOMO is a problem that stems from a lack of communication with other people. Everyone feels it, and so not everyone can be doing more with their time than you, in fact, no one probably is. Talking to your friends and course mates about their own lives, perhaps organising to do things with them that you might otherwise not have done, and making sure that you are an active and involved part of your group, means you’ll know you aren’t missing out.

Trust us, everyone sits in their pjs eating marshmallows doing nothing more than they like to admit.

3. Embracing FOMO

At the end of the day, your uni experience is yours and yours alone. If you feel like you’re doing enough, then no one can tell you otherwise. Instead of seeing FOMO as a crippling worry, embrace it and utilise it.

FOMO might just get you out of bed a few minutes earlier in the morning, or help you get out for that run, or to that event. It may keep you in the library just that bit longer, and this may keep you a bit more on top of your work. FOMO is the realisation that university doesn’t last forever, and that can either be scary and demotivating, or scary and motivating. Some people work better a little bit scared, and you may be one of them. You can do it!

What are your tips for avoiding, decreasing or embracing FOMO? Share them in the comments!