4 Quick Easy Steps to Beat Procrastination

Like the sound of this but instinctively noted it to read later? STOP.

Focus for 2 minutes and get to the end of this short article. Let’s go!

  1. Start the task immediately.
Don’t give the procrasta-feeling time to start

Seriously dive right in, get started. Nothing beats procrastination like actually stating something. There’s always something quick and easy that can be done upfront.

2. Work in a safe space

The right way to deal with distractions

Find a place that can be your Fortress of Solitude. Look at your desk, this should be your sanctuary so remove anything that might tempt or distract you away from the task in hand.

3. Block out time and set goals

This, but not so much. Take it easy.

Take a couple of hours each do to devote to one project or assignment, have an idea for what you want to achieve in the time but keep it simple. If you’re new to this, take it small and easy. Keep it to things like: “In this hour I will outline my essay.”

Pro tip: Use the 15 minutes before to prep, eat food, make a drink, find books, fix the playlist and so on.

4. Reward hard work no matter the outcome

You could even make yourself a badge (just don’t make it when you’re meant to be working)

We’re trying to reset your brain here, not automatically get firsts. Sometimes hard work doesn’t translate into top grades. Remember that what counts here is the work and how you went about it.

Feed that positive hard work habit and over time procrastination will be a thing of the past.

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