5 Excuses Your Lecturers Have Heard a Million Times

Social Media, Harry gives us his top 5 coursework-dodging excuses…not from personal experience of course!

We’ve all used an excuse to get out of doing something at one point or another. Your lecturers have heard every excuse under the sun so be warned!

  1. “I thought it was due next week!”

Ahh yes. This excuse worked well for you in school but you’ll soon realize that it doesn’t fly at Uni. Don’t do it!

2. “I was ill.”

Classic Mean Girls.

Some might call this the go-to excuse. Remember you can only catch Freshers Flu so many times. Don’t do it!

3. “The system was down.”

Gotta love IT Crowd.

All of your classmates completed and handed in their work in on time so why haven’t you? Don’t do it x2!

4. “I accidentally uploaded the draft version.”

Who can forget this gem?

If you have used this excuse before then you probably have a promising career in Super Villainy. You may think you have fooled the system but you haven’t, the system cannot be fooled.

5. “I had a family emergency.”

My take on the clown craze atm.

You would be surprised how many family emergencies happen in a term! Just no. DON’T DO IT!

Your lecturers have heard every excuse a million times and surprisingly were even your age at one point. So skip the excuses and channel that amazing energy into your work. You can do it! If you are struggling then we have a brilliant team on site to help you, go to the Student Help desk or email studentservices@northampton.ac.uk

If you or a friend have ever used a cracker of an excuse then please share it with us on our Twitter, Facebook or Instagram!

BONUS. My dog ate it.