5 Ways to Beat Homesickness at University

Being homesick doesn’t last forever

Moving to university is exciting and whirlwind of prep, parties and getting to know your new friends. But when that settles down a bit, you may start to miss the comforts of home.

Whoever or whatever you’re missing it can be tough but don’t worry, you are not alone. These feelings homesickness happens to the best of us.

When you start to feel a bit down in the dumps use these tips to help you keep busy and beat the homesickness beast:

  1. Join clubs/societies — Emerging yourself in a society that interests you allows you to focus on something fun whilst meeting new people who share the same hobby. The University of Northampton SU offers a huge range of free clubs and societies with something for everyone, so jump in feet first!
Our Students Union is brilliant

2. Make plans with housemates/course mates — One way to tackle missing your friends back home is make new ones and go and explore Northamptonshire with them. Trust us, there is loads to do!

Uni friends become like family

3. Concentrate on your studies — Focus your energy on your studies this is not only good for taking your mind off home it is also good for your education. It can sometimes be just the outlet you need for a bout of homesickness, but remember relaxation time is important too!

Cake and tea is optional but recommended

4. Meditate — yep, you heard us. Put something relaxing you love to listen to on Spotify and relax for 10 minutes. Push every thought out of your mind and instead focus on your breathing. You’ll be amazed at how much better you feel.

5. Communication — Keeping regular contact with those who you are missing can be helpful and you will start to realise that they are only a phone call away. It’s also really important to talk to your mates at university about how you feel, and if it starts to get too hard to bare talk to Student Services. They can provide some brilliant support while you’re at university.

What advice would you give to anyone struggling with homesickness? Comment below!