6 reasons why your best friends at university are your best friends for life:

Grad Kayleigh tells us why uni friends are the best friends.

1. They’ve seen you at your very worst

You tend to get very close very fast with the friends that you meet at university — partly thanks to alcohol. Once they’ve seen you jaeger-soaked, lying on the floor gurgling sentences that don’t make any sense, you tend to let them in to your inner-circle pretty fast (in the very least because you don’t want them to share stories of the things they’ve witnessed).

2. They know you inside out
 When you live with someone and you see them almost every single day, it’s hard not to know everything about them. They know how you like your tea, when they should leave you alone and whether or not you’re lying about watching the most recent episode of The Walking Dead without them.

3. They’ve helped you through some pretty stressful times.

There’s no way around it, deadlines are stressful but having friends that are there for you makes things one thousand times easier to handle. They’ve been there at your absolute tearing your hair out, contemplating dropping out, about to smash your laptop breaking point. If you can get through that together, you can get through ANYTHING.

4. They share their food with you

There’s usually always one that spends too much money on alcohol and as a result struggles to find money for food (guilty). That generous, life-saving friend that shares their food with you at this low point is definitely a friend for life because friends that eat together, stay together.

5. They encourage your bad habits

Although this can be seen as a negative thing, it’s definitely a positive. There’s nothing that makes you feel better about doing something you know you shouldn’t, than if someone else does it too. They’re not going to tell anyone about your secret midnight snacks, or the times that you slept through your 9am lecture because they were right there doing it too!

6. They don’t know all the embarrassing teenage stuff you did

The experimental hair colours. The combat trousers. The spray tan disaster. They’re oblivious. Granted, they’ve probably seen you when you haven’t washed your hair for five days and when you’ve had your face full of kebab… but better that than them knowing that you used to dress entirely in juicy couture and sing Jenny From The Block with a hairbrush microphone, right?

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