Beating The Curly Hair Curse

Social Media Matthew shares the top 5 pains of living with curly hair

Hi! I’m Matthew!

I have curly hair. It’s too long, too frizzy and gets everywhere. I know I am not the only one so curly-haired people unite! Here are the five most annoying things about my hair:

  1. Unpredictability
You can’t tame the frizz

Will it look good, or will it be a frizzy mess? Who knows really, it’s a lottery everyday, and if it is frizzy the only thing you can really do is take another shower because touching it with anything makes everything worse.

Googling this, apparently the thing to do is to dry it with a t-shirt instead of a towel, which seems odd but apparently it works…

2. Falloutability

If I run my hands through my hair, I’ll pull out at least 100 curly strands. These wrap themselves around everything, get caught places and cover the bathroom floor even if we clean it daily. There’s no solution. Well, there’s one, cut it all off! Drastic…but desperate times!

3. Hats

I cannot wear hats.

Either they just don’t fit over the bounce of curls, or they push it down and make it look like I’m a mad scientist. Great. Woolly hats are a firm maybe depending on the size, but anything else is a massive no no.

What makes this worse is that I cycle to uni every day, so even if I do get out of the shower and make my hair look good, it’s going to be squashed into a helmet and smushed to frizzy heck by the time I get anywhere. Solution, again, cut it all off.

4. Styling-ability

There are no styles that you can have with hair like mine. There’s only “curly mop”. So even if I wanted to do something different with my hair, I can’t… Part of this, seeing as it is Halloween soon, is that there are hardly any characters from things with curly mops. I don’t always want to be Frodo, a clown, or Napoleon Dynamite, but my own hair betrays me and suddenly I’m type cast forever. What if I want to be BATMAN??!

5. The Curse of Hereditary

I’ve passed it onto my son. There’s no escaping it for him, his mop will soon be growing… Fortunately it’s cute in babies and kids, but I imagine that he’ll resent me when he grows up. I’ll have to talk to him, tell him that I’m sorry.

6. However…

Despite all this, I don’t think I’d change my curls for straight hair any day. People pay loads for curls which come naturally to me, I never have to brush it (maybe I should) and for the most part if I just leave it then it sort of ends up ok, no “product” required. I’ll keep the curls for now I think. :)