Benefits of being a Mature Student

Coming to University at a later stage in your life doesn’t mean that you won’t have as much fun. Take it from someone who started university ‘later on’…

Before you start Uni as a mature student, one concern may be the idea of jumping back into education after a break. We say, see it as a positive! It can make you more motivated and focused on your studies as you have had time to really think about what you want to do.

There might also be a real fear that you won’t fit in if you’re a bit older. Thankfully the students union has a Mature Student Association which is a support network which connects mature students by organising events and representing the voice of students just like you.

We asked mature student, Laura who set up the Mature Student Association, to share her experiences:

How did you find joining the University of Northampton as a mature student?

I found joining really easy. I already knew that I wanted to join Northampton as I have a family that is settled in the county. Once I accepted, the next stage was enrolling and that in itself is also a very straight forward procedure.

What in your opinion are the benefits of coming to university at an older age?

The biggest benefit for me personally has been being able to apply my life experiences into my learning. This allowed me to form strong friendships at an early stage. Most of the people on campus are absolutely lovely and are there for the exact same reasons.

Another benefit has been the Mature Students’ Association that myself and some other students set up and ran through the SU at the start of the last academic year. We put students in touch with like-minded people and provide events that are more suited to mature students’ needs throughout the year.

What advice would you give you those thinking of starting an undergraduate degree as a mature student?

Attend welcome week as you can use this time to learn about what the University and the Students’ Union has to offer over the forthcoming year, and will also give you an opportunity to explore the campus before lectures begin. Fresher’s Fair is a vibrant event that will enable you to inquire about societies that may be of interest to you and you can pick up plenty of freebies to take home!

Begin socialising with your fellow course mates before your arrival. The University Facebook groups are teaming with students in the same predicament and you may take the chance to seek out familiar faces the very second you arrive on campus.

Whatever your reasons are for wanting to study later on in life you do not need to be daunted. There is always someone in your shoes, or similar.

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