DBS Instructions for Health Courses

Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) Check

Please read all the notes carefully before proceeding.

The University requires all students on the courses below, to complete an enhanced DBS check.

DBS application form

There are 4 stages to the completion of an enhanced DBS form:

1) Complete online form at OnlineDisclosures

2) Send documentation to the Admissions Office at the University of Northampton (and pay online on The University of Northampton’s website, if required (see above) or send email to Admissions (see important action in table at end of document))

3) Admissions will verify your documents and submit form to the DBS

(You are not required to attend a Verification Meeting).

4) Receipt of disclosure information (to both student and Admissions)

Stage One

The DBS application form must now be accessed and completed online at https://gbg.onlinedisclosures.co.uk/ It is important to complete it as soon as possible and forward any further supporting documentation to Admissions (if required, see table at end of notes).

You will need the login details below in order to complete the online form.

Click on Register (on right hand side of screen):

Then enter:

Org Pin (see table above)

Your full name

Email address

Confirm email address

You will then be asked to enter the Secret Word — (see table above — please do not use capital letters)

Tick to confirm the right Organisation name and then create your own password. Click on Complete registration

Stage Two — Send documentation (and payment where necessary)

In order to progress with your application you must have your identity documents validated by an authorised Verifier from the University.

Please note that the OnlineDisclosures website will indicate a verification meeting, you do not need to attend one of these, as you provided your identification document(s) at interview/audition.

All applicants, where possible, to provide documents meeting the Route 1 criteria below. Where applicants cannot meet Route 1 requirements, Route 2 should be followed. If Route 2 criteria cannot be met Route 3 should be followed. Finger prints will be required for applicants unable to satisfy the three routes specified below:

We require 3 documents in total. At least one form of ID must confirm your current address and one must confirm your date of birth.

Please note that if you provided document(s) when you attended the University for interview/audition you do not need to send this/these in again. If you are unsure as to what you provided please telephone Admissions to check. If you have changed your name at all, you must also provide proof of this via a marriage certificate or deed poll document etc. The original document must be provided.

Payment details

If your course requires you to pay a fee for your DBS check (see list on page 1), please pay online as follows:

Go to http://shop.northampton.ac.uk/, Student & Academic Services, Student Administration, selecting Disclosure and Barring online application payment and following the instructions. Admissions will automatically be notified by email once your online payment is complete.

We will forward the money to the DBS on your behalf.

Original Documents (photocopies are not acceptable) should be sent to:

Admissions, The University of Northampton, Boughton Green Road,

Northampton, NN2 7AL

Please include details of your name, course and date of birth with any documents.

You should also enclose a stamped addressed envelope suitable for the return of your original documents (if submitting by post).

Alternatively, if you wish to bring your documents in to Admissions, they can be processed while you wait. We will accept documents in person between 9–1.30 pm. Please bring them to Admissions Reception, Holdenby Building, Park Campus, NN2 7AL.

Failure to provide these documents may result in you not being able to take up your placement on the course, which may jeopardise your qualification.

Stage Three

Following receipt of your documents, Admissions will verify these and submit your form to DBS via OnlineDisclosures. Your documents will then be returned to you (if you send them by post).

Stage Four

Your application can take 1–8 weeks to process (in the majority of cases) and you will receive a copy of the disclosure at the same time as the University of Northampton receives notification of the outcome. As we are notified online, if you receive a disclosure with anything on ie caution/conviction etc, please send a copy to Admissions immediately (by post or email).

Any queries?

If you have any queries regarding the online application, please contact OnlineDisclosures in the first instance, by telephone on 0845 251 5000 or by email at onlinedisclosures@gbgplc.com or see their Applicant User Guide online.

Alternatively please telephone Admissions on 0300 303 2772.

Hints and Tips when completing your DBS form

· When completing your details online at OnlineDisclosures, please ensure you insert all your names, as middle names are often missed off.

· Please ensure you submit further ORIGINAL documents (not copies) if necessary, to the Admissions Office, once you have completed your online application. (See Stage 2 and table below).

· Please ensure you submit your payment online too, if this is required for your course (See list on Page 1).

· Passport — please ensure this is a valid passport which is in date. If you provided an out of date passport at interview, we will accept a scan and email of your new passport to admissions2017@northampton.ac.uk, please call it ‘DBS Documents’.

DBS Update Service

The update service lets employers check the status of an existing DBS certificate, if it is for the same workforce where the same type and level of criminal record check is required and we have permission of the individual.

If you have an Enhanced DBS Certificate and have subscribed to the DBS Update Service, please contact Admissions on 0300 303 2772 to discuss this or email us with full details at admissions2017@northampton.ac.uk

In the event that we are able to use the Update Service on your behalf, we will need to see your original DBS Certificate first.

For further details on the update service please see: https://www.gov.uk/dbs-update-service