Manchester to Northampton: The Big Move

3rd year Popular Music and Media Production student Jennifer shares her experience of moving from Manchester to Northampton to study.

Moving to University can be daunting, especially when you’re moving half way across the country. Here are a few tips and tricks I’ve learned moving from Manchester to the University of Northampton that may come in handy:

1. Pack light

Its quite far travelling from Manchester to Northampton so over packing is a no-no. By writing lists of your university necessities it’ll be much easier to pack what you need and avoid over-packing your suitcases. Bulky items such as kitchenware can be bought in stores over Northampton, making it one less thing you need to pack. Alternating your wardrobe also helps keep packing to a minimum.

By bringing mainly winter clothes during first term, and more summery clothes in the second and third term this allows you to alternate between your wardrobes and not have to bring all your stuff down at once to University (less clothes washing is also an added bonus!).

“Don’t be shy to talk to people too, everyone is in the same boat and usually really friendly, so get chatting!”

2. Make contacts

Fresher’s week is a really busy time for new students, there’s always something going on you’ll want to check out. By having your new flatmates or course mate’s numbers or adding them on Facebook you’ll be able to easily meet up with people and have someone to contact if you get lost or end up on your own.

“Moving to University is one of the best experiences you’ll ever have, make sure you enjoy yourself and get stuck into student life at the University of Northampton!”

3. Get your bearings

For most new students it’ll be their first time moving into a completely new town. By exploring Northampton it’ll make you a lot more comfortable with your new surroundings and make it easier to locate shops, eateries and places for activities. Why not get your new flatmates together and plan a group trip to explore the town centre? The more familiar you are with the town centre the easier it becomes settling in.

4. Here to help

If you feel homesick or lonely after moving away then don’t hesitate to speak about it. There are residential life team members and counsellor available for you to talk to who can help you through all your issues. Don’t feel alone and make sure you talk to people and keep in touch with your families.

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