Northampton Winter Food Festival Highlights

Social Media Assistant, Olivia spent Sunday at the first ever Northampton Winter Food Festival, and here are the best bits:

1.“Black as Coal” Cheese

This was the very first stand we came to, and to my utter dismay the stallholder offered me a little black lump on a cocktail stick. I was rather perplexed as to the ‘cheese’ element, but as the true Brit that I am, I accepted said freebie and ate it immediately.

Result: Stunned surprise. It was GOOD. Really good. Not so much that I wanted it for my Christmas cheese-plate though. Might put off the grandparents..

2. Saxby’s Cider

Stop no.2 was that winter favourite: mulled cider. Saxby’s Cider, local Northamptonshire brewery, offering up all manner of fruity concoctions to warm my soul on a cold November day.

Result: My mulled cider warmed my soul so much, that I went back and bought 4 bottles of Rhubarb, Plum, Raspberry and Traditional Cider, all for £10!

3. Street Food

After filling up on free samples of cake and cheese, we made our way outside to peruse the many street food vans. The beautiful winter sunshine and excellent live music made for a fantastic atmosphere, the amazing smells from the food trucks helped as well!

Result: A very conflicted group of people trying to make an informed decision about what to eat, solely by following our noses and squinting through the sparkly November sun.

4. A decision concerning Grilled Cheese

I subsequently followed my nose to the Good Times Cafe, and their effortlessly cool 1976 Citroen HY Van ‘Harry’. A long queue and some enticing sizzling noises drew me in for what was to be the sandwich of a lifetime..

Result: A brie, bacon and cranberry GRILLED CHEESE sandwich from the Festive Menu. However, I think the more accurate name would be ‘Heavenly Sandwich of the Christmas Gods’. Gooey, crispy perfection.

5. Local favourites

The beauty of an event like this is getting to try, enjoy and celebrate food and drink from all over Northamptonshire!

Result: Jelley’s Elderflower Vodka: Winner of Northants Food and Drink Awards’ ‘New Drink of the Year’ Award. Super tasty, amazing for cocktails!
Supersyrups: Fantastic little potion that you add to any old (or most importantly, cheap) bottle of red wine or cider, warm it up, and you have perfectly festive mulled wine/cider.
Cobbler’s Nibble: Sensationally creamy Northamptonshire cheddar, and a food festival bargain at £2.50!

All in all, a superb day out to support the town. We even had time to wander into the pub next door for a drink to end the day!

Did you go to the Northampton Winter Food Festival? What were your highlights? Share them with us on Twitter or Instagram.